Product Recalls : Where Do We Draw The Line?

Do you remember the days when a product recall was because the manufacturer made an error and part of the toy could break off and be a potential choking hazard?

Now it seems things are being recalled because parents aren’t using common sense.

A while back Bumbo did a voluntary recall on their seats because parents were putting these moulded plastic seats onto the counters and their children were arching their back and escaping from the non-harnessed seats. How dare they make a seat, that loosely sits your child, NOT contain them while I turn my back on them to cook dinner.

Yesterday IKEA announced a recall on 1.1 million of their cute nursery lights after a 16 month old in Scotland was strangled by the cord left within reach of their crib. It’s a heartbreaking story. I can’t imagine the loss of a child – and the fact that it was 100% avoidable only makes it worse.

We, as parents, need to protect our children from products. I’ve never seen a product without a warning of “Hey. This cord? Not a good thing for your child to loop around their little neck.” of some sort. And it shouldn’t even *need* to be. I get some parents are new to this, but am I wrong to assume that plastic bags and strings/wires/cables are obvious dangers that should not be left within reach of your child even when you are paying attention to them?

I’m waiting for a recall of all spoons because one parent let their child run with it in their mouth and they fell. Soon “Do not walk or run with spoon in mouth” will be stamped onto all silverware. Even your special occasion sets. You know, in case you forget during Christmas dinner after seeing it the other 364 days of the year.


Looking to find out what’s currently being recalled in Canada? Looking to see if that baby swing you had when your pre-teen was a baby is part of a recall before you pass it on to a friend?
Check out Healthy Canadians to see a list of past and present recalls.


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