Mom And Dean Date Day!

D attends daycare five days a week.

Or rather, I should say, D is enrolled in a daycare five days a week.

But since I am only working two days a week (and three starting late January) I have been enjoying keeping him home with me once or twice a week to spend the day with just the two of us.

Today was gross and rainy outside so the park was out of the question (normally, we would go. That’s what a Muddy Buddy is for, right? However, we sold his too-small one on Wednesday and were picking up his next size one today around noon. And there’s no way I was letting him get into the stroller covered in mud and dirt!)

So what to do on a wet, cold Friday?

First stop, Motoring Munchkins!
I used to nanny in the Queens Park area of New Westminster and we would go at least once a week during the rainy season (so pretty much year round). The kids loved it. Which wasn’t surprising. So I thought I would take D for the first time since he started walking a few months ago. There’s ride-on cars, balls, hockey equipment, trampolines, terrific instructors and endless friends! Today happened to be the Christmas party, so even Santa was there. Dean had a blast running around with the lawn mower and going on the slide. He made a few new friends and I had a chance to reconnect with some old ones. It was nice to see some familiar faces – even if I couldn’t recognize some of the kids since it’s been over a year since I’ve seen them!
After an hour and a half of running around, D was exhausted and decided to lay down on a slide and call it quits.


With snack in hand and baby in stroller, we did a couple quick stops to drop off and pick up things in the neighborhood and were on our way to Metrotown. Yes. I took my child to Metrotown with Christmas just 12 days away. It actually wasn’t too terrible. But it was busy and loud and enjoyable. The plus side to taking transit is when your child falls asleep on the road, you don’t have to worry about transferring him from car seat to stroller and waking him. He slept for two wonderful hours while I got some holiday shopping done. It was a treat to be able to browse around and take my time looking at things, rather than the usual “Must grab A, B and C before child freaks!” rush that happens when shopping with a toddler.
He woke up to give me his input on the toys on display at Chapters and Toys R Us. Turns out he really likes guitars. He had a blast rocking out (head banging included) his way through the isles in TRU while I was shopping for Daddy. He even helped me pick out a couple things by sticking them in the stroller basket. (Thankfully it was noticed before we attempted to leave the store!)


Metrotown is not a place to let your children run free and we got bored waiting for Daddy for our ride home after he was off work (he works just a five minute drive from there but wasn’t off work for another hour and a half) so we went to IKEA!

Hands down, this child is mine. We walked into IKEA and I threw my hands up and shouted “IKEA! YAY!” to Dean. And for about ten minutes, while sitting in his stroller, taking in the sights, he would throw his hands up and say “E-I-E-I-A!” and clap. I think it was supposed to be IKEA but that’s okay. It’s the thought that counts.


I’m a terrible parent. And a terrible person. I’ll be honest : I set him loose and we ransacked the showroom floor. It was pretty calm in there, so I didn’t have to worry about him getting underfoot. Just under-bed. Yeah, I lost him twice after he crawled under the beds when we were playing Hide-and-Seek. He jumped on a few beds, crawled all over a few tables and even tackled a pop-up hamper full of panda stuffys. One of the IKEA associates started laughing until she had to gasp for breath when she turned the corner as he popped out of a wardrobe. D was very polite while rummaging through the “houses”. He was knocking on a few walls before entering! It was very cute!

Finally, after nearly two hours of running amok in IKEA, Dad arrived. We totally had IKEA for dinner, I won’t lie. Their mac’n’cheese is so bad for you, but so good. And we topped it off with frozen yogurt on our way out. Dean wasn’t very impressed that Dad was eating it in front of him though and gave him a stare down on the way to the car.


Dishes from this morning are still sitting in the sink. Laundry probably should have been done today. Nothing around the house was accomplished. But that’s okay. Because we made memories and had a day laughing together. And that’s way more important than clean clothes and dishes.

Now he’s fast asleep and hopefully not waking up anytime in the next nine hours. Tomorrow is “Dadurday” so it’s my turn to wake up with him and let Dad sleep in.

Tomorrow is another adventure day! This time with Dad along for the fun. We’ll be hitting up Granville Island, downtown Vancouver and Bright Nights at Stanley Park. Let’s hope for dry weather!


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