[Family Adventure] Bright Nights At Stanley Park

Every year, for the past five years, my husband and I have gone to Bright Nights at Stanley Park.

I love all things Christmas. And I remember my grandparents loading us all into their van and driving us around New Westminster to look at the Christmas lights through the windows. It’s one of my favorite childhood memories. Which is probably why I love looking at light displays around town. And why every year, I can’t wait to go to Bright Nights in Stanley Park or the VanDusen’s Festival of Lights.

Last year, our son was only 3.5 months old but we bundled him up, loaded him in the carrier and went out to see the lights in Stanley Park. He seemed entranced with the lights. He would crane his neck around trying to catch a better glimpse. And I could feel his little legs start kicking with excitement when the lights would flash or change colours.

Our son enjoyed himself last night.He is only 15 months, and while I am sure he would have had fun on the train, it just didn’t seem worth the wait in line this year. We did walk around the park and check out the lights and also popped over to give a wave at the Santa there (keeping a safe distance due to a Santa phobia he currently has) He liked looking at the displays and waving hello to all the Santa’s.

It was decently quiet (for an event such as this) when we arrived around 4:45pm and D was able to walk and explore without us worrying about him being trampled. Although, by the time we were leaving around 6pm, it was getting packed with the after-dinner crowds. We brought our stroller, which wasn’t hard to maneuver around people and the pathways – it’s definitely stroller and wheelchair friendly!

Maybe next year, when he’s two, maybe he will have enough interest in the train to wait the half-hour or so in line. I’d love to go on the train and see the displays but D just is too active and too young to understand when/why he would have to sit still on the train and not dive off the side when he sees something he wants to investigate closer.

Bright Nights with the Family


Have you attended Bright Nights? What other local events are you attending this year?


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