[Family Adventure] Peak of Christmas on Grouse Mountain

Daddy and Dean walking in the snow on top of Grouse Mountain
Daddy and Dean walking in the snow on top of Grouse Mountain
Remember here where I said I’d like to go to the Peak of Christmas one year? Well, this year I got to open my gift early. My husband surprised me with tickets for a trip to the top for the three of us to join Santa for breakfast!

This morning, we woke up at 5:45am to get ready to drive the 45m (with good traffic) trek to Grouse Mountain. Of course, it decided to snow last night and there was a decent amount stuck to the roads. We left extra early in case the freeway was busy with rush hour.

We made it to the base of Grouse Mountain in about an hour – which is pretty darned quick with the snow and traffic factored in!

We bundled up into snowpants, boots, jackets, gloves and toques then went off to go for the 1 mile ride to the top on the gondola. It was pretty quiet – especially since it was only 7:45am! There wasn’t any wait to go up and there was plenty of elbow room on the skyride.

Outside, you could meet Prancer – a real reindeer!, go ice skating or visit Santa in his workshop. There is also sleigh rides, but those weren’t in operation today. Indoors, there’s Christmas cartoons on in the theater starting every half hour, crafts and the SOS Children’s Gingerbread Village.

Still suffering from his Santa phobia
And for an extra price, you can have a buffet breakfast and get your own special moment with Santa – without any line up! We were the 15th table to be seated, which meant we were 15th in line to visit Santa. It worked out perfectly because by the time D was fed, it was our turn! He was happy enough to wave hello and give a high five and knuckle bump – but when Jason sat next to Santa, while holding Dean, D let him know that was enough time with the big guy!

We had stored our stuff (diaper bag, D’s snowpants and jacket, all the gloves etc, in the lockers that they have available for rent so we didn’t have to drag it all over (chasing after a 16 month old with a diaper bag on your shoulder and winter gear coming out the wazoo just isn’t fun!) Totally worth the $1. However, it wasn’t me that had to make the two minute walk outside through the snow to get to the lockers – thanks husband! – so I didn’t mind it wasn’t located in the main building. I’m crossing my fingers that next year, when it’s my turn, they have moved them to the main building, where it makes more sense to have them (or at least some!)

Dean, Daddy and Prancer
So after breakfast, and after D got a cool tattoo and did a craft, we got on our layers and went outside. D was getting tired since it was an early morning and a lot of excitement so we didn’t do very much of the outdoor activities. He enjoyed visiting Prancer, who was curious about him and came right up the fence to say hi. Then we loaded up and went back down the mountain to the car.

I think next year, when D is older and will understand what this white quicksand all over the ground that keeps tripping him is for, he will enjoy it more. He definitely did have fun this year even with being cranky towards the end! He was out within five minutes of being in the car.

The Peak of Christmas, in my opinion, is more geared towards the 4-6 year old range or the 10+ ages if they like to snowboard or ski while at the top after spending sometime with the family. It is fun, regardless of age though!


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