Stunt Man Dean

My son, who just turned 16 months old yesterday, loves to test Newton’s theory of gravity.
Climbing onto the couch at 7 months old
Climbing onto the couch at 7 months old

Somewhere, Karma is snickering and thinking back to the torment I put my mother through. Something about breaking 10+ bones in about fifteen years comes into play.

My sons newest daredevil stunt? Standing on the table to dance. One day I walked into the living room to find him dancing on the coffee table. I can deal with that – it’s only a foot or so off the ground. And it’s pretty big so he isn’t as likely to dance off the side of it.

Then earlier this week my son climbed up a 3.5ft step ladder that was left out and danced on it (Which resulted in a fall but thankfully no injury!)

Just an average day…
And then came the dining room table. And I caught him pushing a chair into the kitchen once and could only imagine it was to climb the counters…

He’s always been a climber. He learned to move toys next to the couch and climb them to get onto the couch to then access the back of the couch at only 8 months.

Somehow, thankfully!, he hasn’t learned how to climb out of his crib yet. That will happen any day now. I can picture it now… Rolling over in the middle of the night to find myself nose to nose with D standing next to the bed with a big grin on his face.

I’m waiting for the day I find him on the roof.

Do your kids throw caution to the wind? Where’s the worst place you’ve found them?


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