Hello 2014!

It’s just after 8am and I can hear my son “singing” in his room.

These kind of mornings don’t happen often (though they are happening more and more lately!!) so I like to take advantage of him not screaming like a banshee the moment he awakes because he is roaring to go.

Today is the day I make some changes. Not only does my diet/lifestyle change begin but I’m looking to alter a few other things.

1. Unplug. For most of a day each week (since a full day isn’t realistic) I want to unplug. No electronics while D is awake. I want to spend my time with him and my husband and myself. Not the online world. My camera is exempt though. Because well, that’s how I roll.

2. Craft. I want to follow through on my bajillion Pinterest ideas. Not just have a folder of cute things that never make it beyond that. Once a month I am going to take a day to myself and try something from my board.

3. Get in touch and stay in touch. I have a grandpa that lives a ten minute drive from me but I rarely see. And by rarely, I mean I saw him on D’s first birthday for the first time in about ten years. And I’m terrible at calling family and friends. It’s time to change that.

4. View myself as human. I’m allowed to make mistakes. And I need to accept that I will make them and that I can learn from them. No, I’m not a terrible mother because I let my son watch an hour of Elmo when he was sick.

5. Make memories. I want 2014 to be the best year yet. I want to look back on the year in 365 days and go “I loved when we ____” or “Remember when D _____” or “I loved when we ____”

6. Take a walk. I want to walk for an hour a day. Be it during my commute or work day. Or a stroll with the family or taking the dog around the block twenty times. I want to walk and enjoy the outdoors (though indoor will count on the gross days) for an hour everyday.

This year holds promise. It holds a clean slate that is ready.

I hope 2014 is a year full of endless laughs, huge smiles and warm snuggles for you and your family. I wish you love and happiness. And I wish you all the best.

Make this year count.


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