Weigh In Wednesday

My first weigh in Wednesday!

Today marks the start of my lifestyle change. Which means that yesterday was the cheat day of all cheat days. We said goodbye to 2013 with White Spot burgers and a giant piece of chocolate cake (go big or go home, right?)

I was humming and hawing about if I will post my starting weight or if I would just post the loss/gain each week. I’m putting myself out there so much already by blog-dieting so I may as well do that extra step and post my (not-so) magic number. It will help me feel more accountable as well.

I’m a bit nervous to begin this journey but I have such a supportive network. My husband, family and friends are all an amazing support network. I know they are behind me 100% of the way.

My biggest reason that diets and me don’t get along is because I’m an “all or nothing” kind of person. If I start a diet today and have a slip tomorrow at lunch, it’s a good chance I’ll forfeit the diet until the next week or month. I need to remember that I am only human and it’s not the end of the world (or diet in this case) I should take things meal to meal, or even bite to bite, instead of by day to day.

I am looking forward to all the hard work and effort coming up – and for the rewards. I am excited to see results. And I’m thrilled to get back into running.

Week 1 :
Lifetime highest weight – 248lbs (08/2009)
Adult lowest weight – 160lbs (11/2011)
Starting weight – 212lbs (01/2014)
Current weight – 212lbs 

My goal for next week? 205lbs. Normally I wouldn’t aim for 7lbs loss in one week but since it’s the first week, I know I’ll lose water weight from the change of diet and increased exercise.

To quote a very smart train, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”


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