Unplugged Challenge

Today I challenged my husband.

And I told him I don’t think he would win – if he was even willing to participate.

Yes, I used preschooler logic on my husband. And it worked.

The challenge :
Use as little computer, TV, smartphone and iPad as possible, all day, when D is awake from morning to bedtime.

The prize :
Diaper free (when both of us are present) for a whole week. From midnight on Sunday until the following Sunday at midnight. The winner won’t have to change a single diaper. Unless they are the only one around. Because, you know, that’s just mean.

We were making dinner tonight and a certain someone kept going over to the computer when any downtime came up and I came up with this challenge. And knowing my husband, I don’t think he will fare well. But who knows, maybe he will surprise me. And maybe, just maybe, *I* will end up changing diapers for the next week…

So yeah, I will be MIA for the day. If you need me, don’t bother trying to contact me. I’ll be leaving my temptation… er, phone, out of reach! (But I will be around to post for Speechless Sunday. Sometime after 7pm when my minion goes to bed.)


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