Throwing Daddy Under The Bus

My son learned to say “daddy” (instead of “dada”) and has realized how excited we get for him to say it. So he’s been running around the house saying “daddy” over and over and getting excited when he sees my husband, shouting “Daddy!” and throwing his hands up.

And my husband has been loving it. Sure, he said “mama” before he said “dada” but that doesn’t matter. Because “daddy” is official and cool and a real word (or so J seems to think and keeps reminding me!)

I’ll be honest, there’s some jealousy on my behalf. D is a traitor, and I just have to learn to accept that.

Before he was talking, I never liked the idea of being called “mama” My grandma was Mama. And while it is great as a grandparents nickname, it seemed a bit… hick, if you will, as a parents title. I didn’t want to be called mama. I wanted to be mommy or mom. But the first time he said “mama” to me, I decided I could live with that. Until he learned mommy.

This morning, Jason returned to work after two weeks off. He left in the early hours and sneaked in to give D a snuggle and kiss before leaving, while D was still sound asleep. When I woke him up an hour later, he looks at me, rubs his eyes and mumbles “no. no mommy” and tries to put his head down. I was so excited – he said mommy! So I scoop him up and tried to get him to repeat it. Instead, “mama” comes out.

I seriously feel like my child is doing this to spite me.

He ran around the house, calling out to Jason to see if he was home. I watched him scurry to the bedroom and pull back the shower curtains and check the computer chair – twice – while saying “Daddy” and trying to figure out where J was. He didn’t understand when I told him dad was at work. Instead, he just pouted. We called dad to say good morning and to help D understand that Jason was not home. Instead, he lives in my phone – or so my toddler seems to think today. Because every time it makes a noise, I hear “daddy!” and pounding of feet running towards me.

We played puzzles, read books, sang a million songs, went for a nice long walk and even snuggled for a bit. All throughout, I tried getting him to say mommy. But it was still just “mama” (Yes, I know I am trying too hard, but can’t blame me for trying!)

After nap, we walked to the recreation center to register for swimming lessons and while there, D let a loud fart go. Like, loud loud. Three receptionists looked over. The four or five people behind me laughed. And the lady beside me asked D “Wow! Who made that loud toot!?”

And D responded “Daddy!”

Suddenly, I’m okay with not being the favorite word.


Dean and Daddy
Dean and Daddy

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