Unplugged Challenge Results

Yesterday, for those of you that missed it, my husband and I agreed on a challenge. Whoever used technology (computer, phone, iPad, TV etc) the least got a weeks worth of freedom from diaper changes. Yup, a week!

Turns out we ended in a stalemate.

I had my doubts about my husband lasting all day (except during nap and bedtime for D) since he’s very into gaming and playing on his phone. But he surprised me. 🙂

We packed up a lunch and spent the morning at the Vancouver Aquarium. Originally, we agreed my camera didn’t count as technology. I took a couple photos while we were there and then put it away to fully enjoy the tech-free day.

If you know me, I’m obsessed with capturing the moment and taking photos. I snap pictures of everything and anything, especially when D is involved. So putting my camera away at the aquarium is a big deal!

But I loved it. Rather than playing photog and trying to capture the moment, I lived the moment. Instead of seeing the wonder in D’s eye through my camera screen, I got involved in that wonder and helped point out other fish for him to look at.

I enjoyed not caring about what time it was or tagging ourselves at the aquarium on Facebook and no interruptions. It was just me, my husband and our son. (And a lot of fish and other people!)

It was surprisingly refreshing! I’ll definitely be doing this at least once a month – with or without the threat of dirty diapers!

Have you ever felt like your rely too much on technology sometimes? Have you ever “unplugged”?


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