Weigh-In Wednesday

Lifetime highest weight – 248lbs (08/2009)
Adult lowest weight – 160lbs (11/2011)
Starting weight – 212lbs (01/2014)
Current weight – 203lbs
Goal for next week – 202lbs
Loss for last week – 2lbs
Total loss – 9lbs

So I happily hit my goal for weight loss again this week, mostly thanks to the Norovirus that caused me to not be able to eat much of anything yesterday, except some wonton soup and ginger ale.

Next week, my goal is only to lose 1lbs. It seems like very little but that’s because I am hoping to get back on track with running in the upcoming weeks so I will likely not lose much for a bit as I gain muscle in my legs.

I was so happy to get out last weekend for a run. It wasn’t anything major, just an interval run with shorter intervals that was actually really easy to complete. And then the flu hit our house and I haven’t been able to go since – though I’ve got the runners itch and have been tempted to go anyway.

Starting on Friday, I will get out again. And then get on schedule.

Part of me hates the idea of going running, but I want to push past that and get to the point where you enjoy it. So it’s time to get my big-girl panties on and hit the pavement.


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