[Series] Potty Training : It’s My Potty And I’ll Go If I Want To


The choices are endless.You can get a potty that claps and cheers when your little one pees in it. Or a potty that turns into a stool to reach the sink. One that has a removable bowl. One that is a single piece of plastic. Or even a seat that goes onto the normal toilet seat.

By the time you do research on what potty to get for your child, they will likely already be out of diapers and in college.

Below are some of the top potties (according to multiple websites) and a couple reviews on potty’s that I have used with children.


1. Boon Potty Bench
~$40This potty has an nifty little drawer on each side. One holds toilet paper while the other has room for wipes and some books to read while on the potty. It has a defector, perfect for the little guys. The lid folds down and it turns into a stool that can hold up to 300lbs!


2. Baby Bjorn Potty Chair
~$40Like their other products, their potty’s are ergonomically designed. It has a high back to help support your child and is shaped to be comfortable for longer potty visits. The inner bowl lifts out to empty and clean easily.


3. Fisher Price Royal Step Stool Potty
~$30This is not only a stand-alone potty and a step stool but the seat can be removed and used on the toilet when transitioning or on the go. It has sensors for when your child has a successful trip to the potty, it rewards your prince or princess with songs! The bowl is removable for easy clean up.


4. The First Years Disney Pixar Cars Racing Mission Potty System
~$30Another 3-in-1 potty seat. This one has fun wheels and design to encourage your child to use the potty. While small, it does have a splash guard to protect bad aim. It has a cushioned seat that can be used on a toilet. And the bowl is removable to wash and clean it easily.


5. Munchkin Potty Seat
~$15This is a great seat for on the go or to use on your toilet at home. It’s got a cushion for those little bums and handles to help keep them feeling secure way up on the big toilet. It’s simple but just what you need in a potty seat.


6. Wings and Wheels Wooden Potty Chairs (US Amazon link)
~$75This is a great chair – You can use it as a rocking chair until your child is ready to begin training. As per usual, there is a lid and a removable potty bowl. On one side is a toilet paper roll holder while the other features a magazine rack to keep books close at hand. It is hand painted and is very sturdy. After you are done potty training, you can unlock the chair to become a rocking chair again!


7.  Bright Starts My Little Potty (US Amazon link)
~$25We have this one for D. He loves using the handles to help him climb on and off. There is a good sized splash guard. The bowl comes out for easy cleaning. And there’s a lid which turns it into a great step stool (although it’s not actually meant to be one) The legs have a slip resistant material on the bottom to keep it sturdy and prevents sliding.


8. Sesame Street Folding Travel Potty Seat
~$15This seat is great for on the go. It fits onto regular sized toilets and with it’s non-slip rubber, it will hold in place. There aren’t any handles but there is a bit of a lip that children can hold onto for stability. It folds small enough to slide into a diaper bag.


9. BEMIS NextStep
~$50This toilet seat replaces your current one but has a small seat that flips down to give the proper amount of support for the little ones. It means no hanging a potty seat somewhere close by and having to help get it properly fitted on (which may not seem like much work… until you have a 2 year old doing the potty dance-turned-flail) It also means that you won’t have a potty sitting around in the bathroom on the floor that you’ll need to watch out for every time you stumble in for a midnight pit stop.


10. Kolcraft Boys’ Toilet Trainer (US Amazon link)
~$20This is a stand-alone urinal that doesn’t need to be attached anywhere. It has a fun coloured mark for “target practice” and is a great height for children just starting to potty train or those that are transitioning to standing at an older age. It’s all one solid piece of plastic so there aren’t any nooks for spills to get into. It, unfortunately, doesn’t have a removable bowl, but you’ll want to rinse the whole thing off after each use to make sure that you get any splashes.

There are many more on the market but these are what I’ve found to be the top rated and have the best reviews.Do you have a potty to add to the list? Or a review to submit? Feel free to comment below.


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