A Glimpse Into February!

For a month that has so few days, it’s jam packed full of appointments and things to do.

Dean is turning 18 months in mid-February (or would the 22nd be considered late-February?) so not only does he have his 18 month Well-Baby Check-Up but he has his shots, which are done at the local Public Health Nurse since our family doctor doesn’t do them.

To celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month, I remembered to finally book him in for an appointment. And I even booked mine for the same day. Yes, I am a terrible mother, my 17 month old still has not seen a dentist… Ever.

A couple of moms and I are hoping to have a Mom’s Night Out this month before baby number 2 comes for one of them. They are great ladies and all our babies are born within the same month of each other, with D in the middle. It will be great to get out with them and catch up!

Next weekend I will be attending my first blogging event. It’s at the Aquarium. I’m hoping to connect with a couple of Mommy Bloggers I have met online in the past couple months. So, you know, make sure you contact me if you’re reading this and attending!

I have a couple birthday parties that I have to try to fit in, along with much needed family time and downtime. With Jason working overtime for the past two weeks, we haven’t had much time for family time… Unless you count the hour at the doctors office this morning. Or the two half-hours we spent together on the way to Jason’s work when we caught a ride to Metrotown.

I am working three day weeks now, rather than the past couple months of only two days a week as my gradual entry. Doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a big change. I will start nannying both children on Thursdays starting this coming week. My scheduling got changed at work and I have the boy and the girl on Thursdays together, just the boy on Tuesday and just the girl on Wednesday. I am only doing 29 hours a week, instead of 30, which means sleeping in until 6am that morning… But 5am the other two days.

We are going to the Yukon at the end of the month to visit family for a long weekend. I haven’t seen my mom since August, when we were up there just after D’s birthday for a week and a half. We could only swing a four-day weekend this time, as I couldn’t take time off work after starting so recently. Jason will be coming up for the first time in two and a half years. This will be his first winter visit. Hopefully D enjoys the snow a little bit more this year (last year, when he was only 5 months old, he was NOT impressed by the cold, never mind the snow!)

I’ve got a few other appointments and events, but I’m sure you’d rather not hear about physicals and other personal appointments. 😉

I can’t wait for March. I am considering going underground for the month and just hiding at home. But oh wait, with a toddler who hates being indoors for longer than 3.8 seconds, that won’t happen!

Anyone have a few extra days they can lend me for February?


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