[Weigh-In Wednesday]

Lifetime highest weight – 248lbs (08/2009)
Adult lowest weight – 160lbs (11/2011)
Starting weight – 212lbs (01/2014)
Current weight – 200lbs
Goal for next week – 198lbs
Loss for last week – 2lbs
Total loss – 12lbs

Yay! Goal hit! Barely. My scale has a decimal point but I just round it. I was 200.4lbs but it rounds down to 200lbs!
I was hoping to see a 199 but I made my goal so that’s good enough for me!
Jason has been working overtime for the past week. He’s been getting off work at 9pm on weeknights and even working on weekends. Which means I have been solo-parenting. Which means I’m exhausted. Beyond exhausted. By the time I get Dean to bed on the days I work, I just have no effort. So I will admit it. Three nights in the past week, I’ve had a strudel and a peanut butter bar and called it dinner… Between making my lunch, Dean’s lunch, Dean’s dinner and occasionally J’s lunch, I just don’t have the effort for making my own dinner.
I missed my weekend run last week too, as I started coming down with something and didn’t have it in me to run in the morning. I wanted to go in the afternoon, but a certain someone was at work and I don’t have the jogging stroller for little guy anymore.
I’ve been averaging about 2 days of running a week, but I would like to make it three on a regular basis.
The food stuff is going decent. Aside from my strudel dinners. There’s been lots of fruit, veggies and whole grains. I’m drinking more coffee than I should, but

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