Bed Transition FLOP!

It’s been a really long weekend around here.

On Thursday night, we took off the rail to Dean’s crib to convert it to a bed. He’s been sleeping on the double mattress in his room a few times so I was thinking he was ready.

It was a flop. First night, he was thrilled and excited to be able to go in and out of his bed. He took a while to fall asleep but eventually did and slept pretty well. On Friday, he napped and slept well in his bed. Saturday, not so much. And last night, was an even longer night.

It doesn’t help that we have a cold going around here. We all have sore throats and headaches and stuffy noses. We’re all worn out from being sick, which hit on Friday night, which was the second night with the bed. Being sleep deprived and sick has taken it’s toll on us. With work tomorrow, we’ve decided to put the side of his crib back up and try again in a few more months.

My husband gets to tell me “I told you so” about Dean’s readiness for a big bed. But I get sleep. It’s a fair trade, in my opinion.


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