[Weigh-In Wednesday] Week 7

Lifetime highest weight – 248lbs (08/2009)
Adult lowest weight – 160lbs (11/2011)
Starting weight – 212lbs (01/2014)
Current weight – 198lbs
Goal for next week – 196lbs
Loss for last week – 1lbs
Total loss – 14lbs

Hit my goal, even if it was a small one.

I’ve been struck down with a cold this past week so I haven’t made it out for a run in over a week. I’m desperate to go running but trying to hold  off until I feel better as this is a pretty nasty chest cold.

Eating habits have gotten better. Maybe not all the best choices, but it’s getting there. I find that if I don’t allow myself some cheat meals once in a while, then it’s all the more harder to stay on track.

My husband is a bad influence though. He convinced me that we should get a pizza for dinner. And the effort of cooking dinner was low, so I obliged.

Clearly, I need to get rid of him so that I can get rid of this weight.

It’s a new week. I’m going to aim for a two-pound drop. I know I can, I just have to put a bit more effort into it.


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