Happy 18 Month Birthday, Dean-Bean!

A few days after learning to walk
Always smiling!
It’s hard to believe it’s already been 18 months since you came into our lives. It seems like just last week… But it also seems like you have always been a part of our lives.

In the past six months you have grown and changed so much. You’re no longer my little baby and while it’s heartbreaking (can someone hand me a kleenex please?) Instead, you’ve become a little boy. Your personality has flourished. You’ve had spunk since the moment you came into this world with your angry little fists and your awesome little mohawk, but it’s become much stronger in the recent months. You can always make Mom and Dad laugh with your silly antics and constant “go-go-go”ness. Sometimes we just can’t keep up with you!

Three days after your first birthday you took your first steps. You were walking with support of your toys for months, but you didn’t quite have the interest in trying to walk, or even stand, on your own. Within hours of being up north to visit with Grandma, she had you take your first few steps to get to the blueberry she held out for you. You took your first few steps and you have been unstoppable since. You quickly learned how much more efficient walking is and you stopped crawling within weeks.

Stylish even when asleep
Mastering the stairs on his own!
You have learned so many new things in the last half of a year. You have a huge vocabulary that has erupted from just “meh” (dog) “ma” and “da” to so many words that I can no longer keep track. It’s at least 75 words – though to understand most, you need to be fluent in Dean-speak (thanks KC for coining that term for me)… Because “ba” can mean ball, bath or backpack. And “bam-ba” is actually panda. You have a ton of words that you can say clearly as well. You love chatting with us and even just to yourself. In the mornings, when you don’t wake up in fit of rage (which is happening more often!) you often will sing to yourself or talk with Bam-ba. Then we hear the sound of you chucking your soother and Bam-ba out of your crib… And wait for the cute little “Uhhh oooohh” that follows. Because, uh oh, you accidentally sent them both flying.

Sign language has slowed lately. With your speech increasing, you have less use for it. But when you really want to get your message across, you will sign and say the word, repeatedly. We haven’t taught you more words, as I only intended to teach you the basics to help until you were old enough to begin speaking.

You’re full of snuggles and kisses. You haven’t quite learned to keep the tongue in when giving big kisses all over my cheeks… and you like to alternate which cheek you kiss for a total of at least a half dozen kisses. It’s messy and gross, but I can’t bring myself to stop you. (But please, for the love of all things not covered in spit, learn to give dry kisses!) You give big smiles and get excited when we get home after work, or when we go into your room after you wake up. You’re always so full of smiles all day long, even when fighting a cold or had a rough nap and are tired.

You’ve been attending daycare since you were 13 months old. It’s been a blast for you – though I have had a hard time adjusting! I miss you during the days but you are always so excited to see your seven little friends and the three great ladies who take care of you. We’ve hung your art around your room (who cares if Halloween was 4 months ago – it can stay on the wall for next Halloween!) and you are always so proud to point it out.

Dean and Bam-Ba
18 Month Stats :
Height – 34 inches (93rd percentile)
Weight – 23 pounds (46th percentile)
Head – 19.5 inches (95th percentile)

Favorites :
Meal – Kraft Dinner and Hot Dogs. I won’t lie, I let you eat this more than I should.
Fruit – Bananas and strawberries
Animal – Dogs and Pandas, it’s a pretty close tie
Toy – Daddy thinks any kind of ball, but I say your bubble popper
Word – “Hi!”
Book – “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See” by Eric Carle
Song – “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to sing, “Elmo Had Four Ducks” to watch on YouTube
TV Show character – Elmo, hands down
Adventure – You love the Quay, where we often go for a walk, to the parks, look at boats and play on a tugboat play structure
Activity – Building Duplo with Daddy; Playing hide and seek with Mommy

Always getting into trouble!
Playing at the park

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