The Plague Hath Cometh…

Resting on the couch, watching Elmo
Last Wednesday Dean woke up cranky and irritable. He wanted up in my arms, and I wanted out the door to get to work on time. He felt a bit warm but he cooled down shortly after some morning snuggles with Daddy and he went off to daycare.On Thursday, after feeling warm but not quite feverish throughout the night, he (and Dad) slept until nearly 9am. Dean went to daycare again, but was picked up early as a fever struck during nap time.

Curled up on Mommy’s feet, sleeping
With a flight in less than a week, I wanted to check that it wasn’t an ear infection. And if it was, I wanted to make sure that if he did have an ear infection we got him on antibiotics as soon as possible. Thankfully, when I brought him into the doctors on Friday, she found that his ears were clear – but he had a chest infection.It was a long weekend of fever spikes of anywhere from 38.5 – 40.2C, tears, phlegm, snot, exhaustion, fits of rage (from all of us, not just him) and overly drugging our child with Advil and Tylenol every three hours. We survived though. Dean was fever-free on Monday – YES! – and has been in a better mood since. He’s been back to his normal self, running around and climbing on the tables, hanging from the oven handle, chasing Lilo and taking every. single. toy. out of his toy box.

It was quite the brutal illness. He didn’t want to play and he didn’t want to eat. All he wanted to do was cry because he didn’t want to be held but he didn’t want to be put down. Dean got very spoiled with the TV. He rarely gets to watch the TV, or clips on YouTube even, but we needed a distraction so I put on Elmo. And then after ten minutes of playing, he would start begging for Elmo and refuse to play. It was hard to tell him no, I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to play. I feel the same when I am sick!

Half a bottle of Advil, one third of a bottle of Tylenol and four days of Amoxicillin, he was finally on the mend! PHEW!

Unfortunately, Jason and I now have the plague. And we leave tomorrow night… (So glad it’s only a 2.5h flight to visit my mom and not a 6h flight to Hawaii where we are all stuck sick in bed! Grandma can babysit while we recover!)

PS : Thanks Dean for sleeping in until nearly noon on the day that I was supposed to get up early with you. 😉

Up to his goofy antics again

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