There’s About to be a Whole Lot More Crushed Cheerios Around Here…

On January 29th, I woke up after a really odd dream.

I dreamt that Dean was a twin. And that my grandma, who passed away over 15 years ago, was telling me that it was okay. That she would help me care for the two of them. Dean was the evil twin, so really how bad could the other one be?

I woke up and knew that I had to swing by the store at some point that day and get a pregnancy test. I had really odd and very vivid dreams during my pregnancy with Dean. And this dream just screamed pregnant, never mind the fact it was about two kids…

Sure enough, that night there was two little lines on the pregnancy test. And the second one I took had two lines. And the two I took at the doctors the next day (I had them test twice before I believed it) showed positive!

Baby 2.0!
After just two unsuccessful cycles of trying, we have conceived our second child! (Dean was on the first cycle, apparently my uterus catches babies…)Yesterday we had a dating ultrasound. Part of me was slightly nervous that they would just find an empty uterus, that there wasn’t any baby and this whole thing was just a joke my body was playing on me, in unison with four separate pregnancy tests. The other part of me? Nervous that they would find twins. The dream had me scared. I’m not ashamed to admit it! Three kids isn’t what we picture for our lives right now… Or in the future, for the time being.But sure enough, there on the screen was a little blurb of a baby. And it actually kind of looks like a baby! The ultrasound was done only one week later than Dean’s, and he looked like a penguin with little stubs for limbs and his yolk sac still showing up. This one had an actual head, arms, legs and looked relatively human!

We decided, just like with Dean, that we weren’t going to do the superstitious thing and wait for the first trimester to be over to go public with the pregnancy. Just like with Dean, we posted the ultrasound photo the day we got it done.

The pregnancy has been decently smooth so far – though I am definitely more emotional, nauseated and moody with this one (I feel like it’s a girl, only reason for the surge of PMS-like symptoms) I could barely eat for a couple weeks last month. And I still have problems drinking cold water on an empty stomach, thinking about certain foods or inhaling some smells. Cold pasta sauce? Ugh. Axe body spray? No way.

It’s pretty neat because I am already feeling the little movements. With Dean, I started having these “creepy crawly spider tingles” around 16 weeks, but I’ve felt them for about a week already with this one. (Please don’t tell me that means that this baby will be more active than Dean was – he moved way too much. And I had to push him back through my ribs a few times…)

We told the soon-to-be-second-time-grandparents this past weekend. When we were up in the Yukon, we told my parents. And then yesterday we told Jason’s parents. Some of our friends already knew (we’re terrible at keeping things a surprise, seriously) But it’s great to finally have it public and not have to worry about slips, like when I was at book club last month and made the comment of “with my first pregnancy ____” and then realize what you said and have to make sure to change the subject or pass on the talking torch to someone else, stat.

I am approximately 9.5w right now (will find out exact due date on Monday when I visit my midwife as the ultrasound technician only told us the rough estimate of 9.5w) Our guesstimated due date is October 5th.

Jason and I are thrilled! I’d say Dean is too, but he doesn’t understand where this baby under my shirt is hiding. He keeps looking but with no luck. And he started pointing to his own belly, saying baby, so I stopped trying to talk to him about it for now. Haha.

Seven more months to go…


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