Been MIA Lately…

It’s been quite dark on my page lately – Sorry folks!

I had two people I have never met message me saying they follow my page and wanting to see if everything was going okay since I have disappeared for a while. That made my day – thanks ladies!

It’s been crazy over here for the past little while. I’ve had quite a lot on my plate lately (proverbial plate that is, since morning sickness has been pretty full swing until recently)

The pregnancy is going well. I am one day into the second trimester. It’s been a totally different pregnancy this time around. With Dean, I had maybe 5 times of nausea that was quickly subsided with a few crackers and better timed prenatal pills. This time, I had about 8 weeks of nausea that wouldn’t go away with anything. For a few weeks, I was only able to eat between 2-5pm each day, and that was it. No breakfast, no dinner. And I couldn’t even drink water on it’s own. It had to be 3 parts water to 1 part juice at room temperature. Like with Dean, I never threw up and only had to deal with nausea, so for that I am thankful beyond belief. The past couple weeks, I have been able to eat throughout the day but I just don’t want to. I don’t have any cravings. Everything is an aversion. I really wanted pasta one night and cooked it… Then didn’t want it when I finally sat down to eat it. This past week, all I have wanted has been Tim Horton’s Cream of Potato Leek Soup. I’ve had it a couple times, even walking for 45 minutes to the nearest Tim Horton’s at work (that’s each way… Not including the stops at the parks we made!) last week because I just. had. to. have. it.

I am currently searching for work. The boy I was nannying was offered a full time daycare position that his parents had been hoping he would get (he was part time in a location that wasn’t that great for them but is now full time in a location more convenient) so my hours dropped at work. I am still caring for the little girl, but I am hoping to find something to fill the other days and give me equal to full time hours between the two jobs (or something full time, but I would ideally like to stay on with the family!) The search has gone slowly. I’m hoping to find something soon as I need to start paying into EI for my hours so that I can qualify for maternity leave.

Dean has been very, as daycare put it, assertive in his choices. He’s becoming independent at an early age where he isn’t quite physically and mentally capable just yet. He doesn’t want to hold hands to walk anymore, which is fine on quiet roads and when there’s a sidewalk, but on our road there isn’t sidewalks and it’s just not acceptable that he has to be carried or forced to hold hands while cars come barreling down the road next to us. This morning we had a twenty minute battle over pants. He wanted to put them on by himself. But he was getting frustrated. And we wanted to get going to the park. We finally took over as he kept asking for help but then getting mad when we’d go to help him and it was getting to the boiling point. The little rage-monster cried about his pants being on for a while after but finally got over it. Then it was a fight because he wanted to push his bike down a hill (that’s just asking for an accident to happen! He can barely control it on a flat surface, never mind a hill!) So needless to say, it was a loooong morning. But this has been happening often lately. He wants to do things that he’s just not quite capable of yet. Most times I let him try or I’ll help him to do something, but there are times it’s just not possible (like the bike on a hill) so we’ve been having a bit of acting out. And yesterday, one of us ended up walking away with teeth marks – I’ll let you guess who that one was.

It’s a fun age. But it’s also a very trying age. And being pregnant is not making it any easier as I am tired and quicker to start losing patience. I am looking to get past the terrible two’s and move onto having a threenager…. And he’s only 19 months old. Ugh. (He’s so lucky that he’s cute and I love him!)

Speaking of crying – someone is awake and demanding to be set free from his bed!
Time to run [for the hills]


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