A Trip to the Dietitian

I’ve always been curious about going to a dietitian. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. Sure, I drink more Starbucks than I should. And my husband is a bad influence and I have no willpower. But when looking at calories in vs calories out, it just doesn’t make sense.

With the midwifery program I attend at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Centre in Surrey, I get free access to a dietitian and a doula (both of which are not covered by MSP and can cost quite a bit to visit) With my weight loss of 20lbs since January 1st (10lbs intentional before learning I was pregnant, 10lbs from morning sickness) my midwife thought it would be good to go see her. While I stopped trying to lose weight after finding out I was pregnant, I have been hoping that I can keep weight gain to a minimum and not end up 50lbs heavier at the end of the pregnancy, like with my first.


Yesterday was my first visit. We discussed my current eating habits (and I even admitted that yes, we eat out more than we should and yes, I have been indulging in more junk food than I should be) and she asked for some example meal days. I wrote out a few days worth of examples and she right away noticed that I am lacking about 2/3 of the recommended dairy each day and also missing a LOT of my meat and meat alternatives. I typically get the proper amount of grains and close to recommended veggies and fruits. But I really need to increase my dairy and the meat and meat alternatives.

She gave me some tips on things I could change in my diet so that I can get these requirements. And also suggested taking Omega 3 and 6, along with Vitamin D pills.

I’m not allowed to lose anymore weight, especially as I am nearing the 20 week mark. However, as baby gains weight, I am allowed to keep our overall weight the same. So I can maintain our overall weight at 195lbs right up until the day I deliver, as baby will be growing but I can lose a bit. I have to weigh myself weekly at home now. If I drop more to 190lbs, I will need to go back in. She also wants me to keep a food diary over the next month (not everyday but a few days per week) and go back for another visit in a months time.

I’m going to start doing smoothies in the morning for Dean and I (and I suppose the husband if he wants them) and try planning my meals better so they are more rounded and include more things.

And I’ll try to cut out the junk food… Though chocolate has been off the menu for the past few months – even hot chocolate makes me feel sick now. I’m pretty sure the baby is a girl, I’m actually quite set on the fact that it’s a girl (May 20th is our ultrasound and we will find out then!) but then there’s the moments that I feel sick from eating two mini eggs. And I have to ask myself, how can it be a girl when it doesn’t like chocolate?!


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