Two Days of Doctors Visits

Yup, two and a half months later, we have finally gotten Dean his shots.

He was scheduled for his appointment on time, but then we had that nasty flu and bad fever that wouldn’t break.
As so I rescheduled it for a few weeks later. And then he had a cold and we had to cancel it again.
So finally last week, I rescheduled it again since Jason is home from work this week and can come with us (I’m a total sissy – I admit it. It’s hard for me to get his shots and not cry right along side with him…)

His shots were scheduled for today. And yesterday morning, he woke up with a case of Pink Eye.

I swear, he is doing this on purpose in an attempt to avoid getting his shots…

He stayed home with us and came to the midwife appointment in the morning and was very excited to go see the “baby doctor” and listen to the heart. Dean went on about the baby all morning after our appointment. Everything is going well with baby – I’ve maintained my weight, even though I figured I would have gained 10lbs from the junky foods and the amount we’ve been eating out lately. Baby’s heart rate is good and everything is where it should be. The results from the second part of the SIPS wasn’t in just yet but unless they call us in, we don’t need to worry about that. Our ultrasound is in two weeks and we will find out what we are having at the appointment! I go back to my midwife in a month. And I likely won’t have to see the dietitian unless there’s a change in weight. Yay!

Jason and I had appointments at the family doctor in the afternoon and they were able to squeeze Dean in with us. Our family doctor confirmed Pink Eye and prescribed some drops. She also gave us the go-ahead to send him back to daycare and to get his shots today.

Dean has been a champion about getting drops in his eye. He doesn’t fight or even wiggle around when we lay him down and he knows it’s coming. The doctor warned us it might sting a little bit, but Dean hasn’t seemed to notice or care.

This morning we loaded him into the car again and he rode the whole way to the Public Health Nurse saying “more doctor” (Poor kid has only been to the doctors aside from outside at home and inside playing with trains in the past two days due to his contagious eye) He wasn’t very happy about getting his height and weight measured and there were some tears. But he was a tough cookie when we got his shot. It was just one needle this time, thank goodness! Jason held him on his lap with his arms snuggled tight and the nurse was very fast to poke him and be done. Dean cried for a few moments but cheered up when the bubbles came out.

We played in the waiting room for the required 15 minute wait time and he didn’t seem to care about the shot anymore… Until the nurse came out to give me a pamphlet and then Dean ran over and asked to hold my hand (Translation : NOOO! Don’t let her jab me again!) We came home and played in the backyard and all was well in the world.

I was relieved to hear that these are the last shots until around 4-6 years old – until I realized that in about 6 months, I will be back there with baby to start their rounds of shots. Then when they are Dean’s current age and done shots, I will have to bring Dean in for his. It’s never ending! Ugh!

I cried more than Dean did for most of his shots – like I said, I am a total sissy. I’m getting better though. I know it’s needed and I know it only hurts for a second and then it’s over but it’s still so heartbreaking knowing that you have to hold them still so that they can go through that little bit of pain.

I know I will definitely be booking shots for the baby when Jason is off work or after working hours so he can be the meanie!


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