Growing Up Way Too Fast.

Remember when we tried to switch Dean into his big bed, back in February? Remember when it was a complete flop?

I decided I wasn’t going to push it until he was ready. We would buy a second crib for baby if needed, I wasn’t going to go through another weekend of not sleeping…

Well, fast forward three months later, he’d spent a few nights in his big bed here and there. But he was definitely not ready for the transition.

Then one week ago, at nap, he pointed to his big bed that had been newly raised onto the box spring (but no frame) and said “nigh-night big bed!” as we told him goodnight… Jason and I swapped looks (you know, the “are you going to deal with this?” look) and shrugged. Why not, right?

Since then, every single bedtime and nap have at least started in his big bed. We’ve been toying with his bedtime lately, as he’s not as tired at 6:45pm anymore and is sometimes playing until 8pm. And having the freedom to be able to get out of bed… Well, that doesn’t go well when he gets bored trying to fall asleep. With this new change, he’s had a few nights where two warnings have resulted in being stuffed, er, placed, into his crib when he can’t seem to stay in his big bed.

Yup… My son is transitioning himself from his crib… Without any real help from mom and dad.

Bedtime animal snuggles!
Bedtime animal snuggles!

Then today, after dinner, he points at his diaper after I strip the dinner-coated clothes off, and tells me “pee-pee”. I have tried a few times to get him to try to sit on the potty without a diaper but he’s never really liked it and only lasts until his naked bum hits the seat and then he’s stuffing his potty back beside the toilet. I figured this was going to be the case so we ran to the bathroom, took off his diaper and he actually sat on the potty, fully, for more than a split second. In fact, he sat on it for about five minutes. He kept telling me that he had to pee so we waited it out. Nothing. He lost some interest in it so he went into the bath for a little bit and then I got him out, stuck his bedtime diaper on and we ran to his big bed for PJ’s. He decided he wanted to go pee again, so we trekked off to the bathroom, stripped down again and he sat – AND PEE’D!

Part of me is so over the moon that he’s growing up, The other part of me is devastated that my little guy isn’t so little anymore.

And deep down, there’s a tiny part of me that is terrified of the enormous amounts of laundry that happen with potty training.

Now, can someone please tell my 21 month old that growing up includes getting a job and paying his way…


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