Baby 2.0 Ultrasound!

On Tuesday we went for our 20 week anatomy scan.

It’s one of my favourite parts of pregnancy – getting to see the little monster moving around in there, watching them stretch and curl up. Seeing their cute little profile.

First of all, let me say, I had a wonderful experience at MedRay in Coquitlam. They are a private clinic but covered with medical at no extra cost. The clinic has a great “welcoming” feel to it. And the two receptionists I spoke with were very helpful and patient. And because we were 20w3d, we were able to find out the gender at the exam!

The technician I had was terrific. The past five ultrasound tech’s I’ve had (this pregnancy and last) have been very serious and only interested in doing their job and not making small talk while you lay on the bed, waiting for them to check your baby and make sure they are healthy while not telling you if anything is wrong, even after the scan. This technician was very friendly and asked lots of questions about my 21 month old.

She also made lots of jokes about how I was going to have my hands full with this one because they wouldn’t stop moving. Baby was even trying to shove the ultrasound wand away when the lady was poking them to try and have them shift for a better view.

It was the typical ultrasound where my husband had to wait in the waiting room. I spent about 40 minutes laying on the exam table while the technician tried to coax baby out out of hiding so that she could get the measurements done. Baby kept hiding behind my belly button or turning away. They also kept kicking and pushing at the wand to try and gain some of their personal space back. Baby was constantly on the move.

After all the measurements (minus the spine because baby was being stubborn and wouldn’t give a clear view of it so now I have to go back and get it redone in the next 12 days), she called in my husband. Jason and I got to watch the monitor as she started from the top – showing us the profile view, the heart, the arms and fingers, legs kicking and then finally, the moment we were looking forward to – finding out the gender!

It’s a BOY!
I was very sure that baby was a girl. Jason was sure baby was a boy…
Well, there were testicles. And a penis. Jason shot me a look that said “HAHAH! SUCKA!” and I was forced to admit I was wrong. (Seriously people, this doesn’t happen often!)

Turns out Baby 2.0 is a boy! There’s always a little room for error with ultrasounds, but there’s no denying this one!

Am I disappointed that baby is a boy? Nope! I don’t feel cheated or sad that Baby 2.0 isn’t the girl we were hoping for. If anything, two boys makes life easier! We have everything we will need, clothing and gear wise, for another boy. Activities when they are older will be easier to coordinate. Family outings will be a bit smoother. And I won’t have to deal with tea parties and dolls, hair and make-up, and teenage girl drama. Though, I will be scheduling showers on a bi-daily basis and requiring hourly deodorant applications throughout the teenaged years. And hey! We don’t have to repaint Dean’s rooms when we are preparing for Baby 2.0 after we move Dean into our room (and our room into the spare room!) Plus, as Jason so joyously pointed out – we don’t have to move Dean’s dresser that has blue doors. We can just build the new one into Dean’s new room!

I’m slightly terrified for being a SAHM with two boys, barely two years apart, but one day at a time.
But bring on the fart jokes and burping contests!

Baby 2.0

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