Getting Fresh

I’m excited – things are starting to grow in the garden and we’ve been able to eat a few things from it already!Last weekend, my poor, poor pea plants (they are looking very pitiful) had a handful of pods to pick off and eat. They were great – Dean and I enjoyed opening them and picking out the peas. The pods were pretty tasty too but Dean wasn’t a huge fan of them as they are a bit stringy.

Snap Peas from the garden!
Snap Peas from the garden!

Yesterday, I pulled our first (and currently only) ripe strawberry. Dean’s been watching it turn red this past week and asking if it’s “eat time” yet. He just couldn’t wait to get his hands on it. I can only imagine him once the plant really starts growing – He’ll be hiding in the garden, snacking away. We brought it inside and cut it into three little pieces, one for me, one for Dean and one for Daddy since he’s been watering the garden the past couple days that I’ve been working and getting home late and tired. I suppose we could share with him… He has been watering the garden the past few days when I’ve been getting home later than him.

It was the best, most flavourful strawberry I’ve ever tasted. Way better than grocery store or market varieties! Dean kept asking for more. And I peeked outside to see if there would be any other strawberries ready in the next few days. (Nope, still have a few little ones that have to grow big and then go from green to red and ripen… PHOOEY!)

Best. Strawberry. Ever.

Other things are growing at a great speed (this farmer is a bit impatient!) I’ve been eyeing my tomato plants for signs of fruit, but it’s just flowering now so it will be another few weeks before I get any fruit off it. Everything is starting to sprout though so I feel a bit reassured. Turns out I have somewhat of a green thumb!

My pitiful pea plants…
Dean has been getting better about not stepping on the plants and not digging in the garden when I turn my back for a split second. We’ve been telling him that it hurts the plants and that things might not grow if we dig them up. There’s the occasional threat of going inside if he doesn’t stop jumping on the strawberry or the pumpkin plants, but it usually just takes one warning. He likes his outdoors time – he doesn’t want to have to go inside!

Radishes anyone? Carrots and lettuce are sprouting on either side of the radishes.
Looking forward to being able to make salads from the garden soon – Fresh cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and peppers. YUM!

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