A Day in the Life of a Toddler

Dean and I haven’t had much “Mommy and Dean Date Days” lately, with him being sick, Jason off work for two weeks, doctor appointments, my work schedule etc. So today we packed as much excitement into our day that we could, in order to make up for it!


This morning, at the nice and early time of 6:15a, someone woke up. As usual, he played in his bedroom for a bit before we got out of bed. When I finally went to release the hound, after my shower and close to 7am, I found the hound was naked. This is why buttoned PJ’s should be illegal past newborn ages! (We couldn’t find any lightweight sleepers and were desperate so ended up buying a package until we found more)

Naked Baby!
Naked Baby!


Once we began getting ready for the day, he decided he was going to climb into his stroller, which I had brought into the living room the night before so I could pack it up, and demand that we “go go” for ten minutes straight – an hour and a half before we even have to leave. Eventually I caved and we left to go start our day, much earlier than planned.

"Go-go Mommy?!"
“Go-go Mommy?!”

We took the skytrain and bus to Stanley Park (which took an extra twenty minutes because Mommy forgot we were traveling through rush-hour!) On the walk from the bus to the Aquarium, Dean found many, many, MANY rocks to examine, pick up, convince me he had to bring with him and then cast aside when he find another one.

Trying to pick out a rock can be hard work!
Trying to pick out a rock can be hard work!

While waiting for our friends, Jen and Oliver to arrive, Dean found a group of older kids swinging like a monkey on the bars (aka bike racks) outside of the Aquarium and just had to copy them!

Monkey'ing around
Monkey’ing around

Once our friends arrived we went to the Aquarium, where Dean got the highlight of the trip at the entrance – HIS STAMP! He was looking forward to that the most and was happy to get one at the entrance! Dean and Oliver were very interested in the fish! They were, of course, darting in different directions and it was a bit hard to have some Mommy-gossip-time, let alone to catch a photo of the two boys together!

Trying to grab the octopus
Trying to grab the octopus

They liked watching the dolphin show (and yes, we totally perched them along the cement wall so they could see and we didn’t have to hold their entire weight… Pro-parenting right there! Haha – It’s not like we let go of them or let them stand!) Dean enjoyed watching the dolphins jump up out of the water but was asking to go see the “burping sea lions” after a while.

Watching the dolphin show!
Watching the dolphin show!
Turtle time!

We went to the park nearby for a short play to wear them out (just in case running around the Aquarium for two and a half hours wasn’t enough, you know!)


Just after setting Dean free to play, I was putting something in the stroller and turned around to find that Dean, who as far as my husband and I know, has never seen one of these type of monkey bars, was scaling up to the top in no time! He made it to the top before I even realized he was climbing it (Again, parenting win!)

Giving Mommy a heart attack!
Giving Mommy a heart attack!


We said our goodbyes to Jen and Oliver and headed over to the bus. I was hoping to get home for his nap, but also came prepared for if he fell asleep before we made it home and we would stay out until post-dinner-time. He lasted for about half an hour before nodding off, so we hit up the mall so that I could get a couple errands done.

Fast asleep with puppy in the stroller
Fast asleep with puppy in the stroller

After waking, we had a quick snack and Dean spotted the fun train that goes through the mall – He was a bit sad that he couldn’t chase after it and give it a hug (mean Mommy!) but he was happy with hugging the choo-choo kid ride that they had by the bathrooms. There was lots of love for Mickey!

Giving Mickey some love.
Giving Mickey some love.

Then we went to the New Westminster skytrain station play area to meet KC for a walk around the Quay and for dinner at the River Market.

Another new climbing trick mastered today...
Another new climbing trick mastered today…

Due to a short nap in the afternoon (1.5h vs the normal 3h) and all the sun, we didn’t stay as long as hoped but we did get a good walk in, ate yummy crepes for dinner and then played on the Tug Boat play structure there. Dean had a bit of downtime while we ate dinner and chatted. He enjoyed reading his Thomas the Train book that we picked up at the mall earlier in the day.

Reading his new Thomas the Train book
Reading his new Thomas the Train book

We said our goodbyes to KC (well, I did, since Dean has something against KC and refuses to talk directly to her for some reason, haha!) and headed home to go see Daddy. Dean ate a bowl of Cheerios for a snack before bed and then was asleep within ten minutes of being in bed! He was exhausted!

Passed out cold...
Passed out cold…

I’ve definitely missed our adventure days lately! With summer weather here, I am looking forward to a lot more fun in the coming months as we shower Dean in extra love before our newest addition arrives at the start of Fall. Dean has started to really come into his personality – He’s always had a ton of it, from birth, but now it’s really shining. It’s amazing the differences in the past six months with his social and physical skills. He is growing fast!

Also, how can we NOT spoil this kid?! He’s just so darned cute! (Takes after Mommy, right?)



2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Toddler

  1. Yes he takes after Mommy for sure. How you do all this is beyond my thinking…what a great Mommy you are

    1. Thanks Donna! I try to keep him busy but I also need to remind myself that he needs more downtime somedays. We don’t usually go out for entire days anymore (used to often when he was a baby) but now we usually go out for a busy morning before spending the afternoon around the house in the backyard or playing inside with a walk around the block.
      He thrives with lots of activities. And if we haven’t left the house by 10am, he’s usually putting on his shoes and saying “bye bye Mommy” while unlocking the top lock on the door. Ugh! Lol.

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