I’ve been meaning to make play dough for Dean for the past 4 months.

Yes, four months. I’m that awesome at procrastinating.


Scooping the Moon-Dough
Scooping the Moon-Dough

So today while I was out wandering the store, waiting for the husband to pick me up from the mall, I bought some baby oil and decided I would make some moon-dough for him instead, since it’s quick and easy to make and requires very little clean up after the process. And I love to do sensory activities with my little man! It gets him thinking and exploring!

It was a hit – Dean was actually really clean with it. Very little ended up on the ground and on him. I even bought him an apron thinking that it would make for easier clean up, but there was no need for it, amazingly! We had fun building sandcastles and scooping the dough. Dean found it neat to squeeze it in his hands to form a hard clump and then crumble it back into dust.

He loved it so much that when it was time to put it away, he insisted on hugging it… I’ve safely put the dough into a ziploc bag and will be keeping it handy for a quieter activity when we need some downtime from the sunshine (though I totally recommend it as an outdoor activity because there will be some accidental, if not purposeful, spillage!)



Recipe :

4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup baby oil

Mix the two ingredients together. You may need to add more of either to get the right consistency. I ended up adding a bit more baby oil but then found after we played with it for a bit that it got a bit too clumpy so I added more flour after.

*tip* I tried to find a cat litter box today at the Dollar Store : I think it would be better for playing with this stuff as the lip around the top would keep the dough in while he’s scooping it. But a regular bin or even a tote works fine too!





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