Date Day with the Husband

We’re very fortunate to live close to Jason’s parents.

They are twenty minutes away, by foot. Four minutes, by car.


Perfect babysitting distance!

My mother-in-law picks up Dean from daycare two days each week and spends about 45 minutes with him until we can get home, either feeding him dinner or letting him loose in the backyard.

And on the occasional weekend, she’s on hand to babysit for a few hours in the afternoon!


On very special occasions, like our second anniversary last November or Jason’s Christmas work party, we get her to babysit in the evening. But for the most part, our dates now take place in the afternoons. Timed in such a way that we can put him down for a nap before stepping out. And we’re usually home about an hour or so after he wakes.

Today, to celebrate the first day of Summer, we hit a movie and enjoyed some nice A/C…. In the VIP movie theatre! Last time we went to the movies, we learned that those Cineplex Scene Points can be used for the VIP movies – so would we rather spend 1000 points on a free ticket for the regular $12.25 admission or for the $19.25 admission for the 19+ theatre with comfy seats, reserved seating, alcoholic beverages (not that it’s any benefit to a pregnant woman at one o’clock in the afternoon…) and a server that takes your order so you don’t have to wait in the non-existent line up in the VIP lounge. We’ve never been in the VIP movie theatre before – but now I think that is where we will be saving all our points for! It’s actually quite fancy! We ran into traffic on the way so we didn’t get to use the server option (though waiting in line isn’t THAT big of a deal, you know?) and we didn’t get any drinks due to my medical condition, called pregnancy, but we did enjoy having the extra arm rest room, comfy seats and the fact that there weren’t kids in the theatre (teenagers included, though not to make myself sound old!) The bathrooms were even fancy! They were all separate rooms rather than stalls in a main room. I hate public bathrooms but being pregnant, I have to suck it up and use them, many times. These ones were actually clean-looking so it was pretty nice.

Enough about the bathrooms – The movie was good. We caught Tom Cruise’s latest : The Edge of Tomorrow. I am not a huge fan of him. I won’t *not* watch things because he is in it, but I also don’t swoon over any movie he is in simply because he is in it (personally, he irks me but he’s pretty good for certain roles). I liked the movie. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it as I am not a huge fan of the combat-style movies or ones that involve time travel. While it’s not quite time travel, it’s a similar idea. But I found it was done in such a way that it was more story based than shooting people (or in this case, aliens) up. The ending was a bit hard to swallow, due to the whole “time travel” and such, but didn’t leave us going “W. T. F. ?!”

After the movie, we went to the best place on Earth.

No, we didn’t go to Disneyland. Think smaller. And Swedish.

IKEA! We usually end up there during date days, family days and just any day that ends with a “Y”. With just the two of us, we can browse more and look at more things. When we have Dean, it’s usually split between watching him as he runs around and racing him to those little light up arrows on the ground – very little time is actually spent peeking at the display rooms and coming up with new ideas for the house.

Today we got to look through more things, pick out a new duvet cover for our new room and scan the As-Is for good deals. Normally, the idea of spending fifteen minutes in one area, trying to focus on a task and not have to pull the nearly-three-foot-monster out from under the beds and remind him not to jump on the bed with his shoes is just a fantasy.

After spending an hour walking around and choosing our purchases, we paid for our things and grabbed some frozen yogurt on our way down to the car.

Another added bonus to being kid-free? We could fit more stuff into the car. If we had had the boy with us then he and I would have had to walk/transit home or strapped his carseat to the roof of the car.


I always love Date Days, even if they result in running errands, going to appointments or just getting stuff done. It’s the ability of being able to slow down (less time chasing after a bobbing, weaving and ducking monster), spend more time talking (less time responding to a toddler pointing out everything that he sees) and holding a hand that isn’t trying to escape ours while trying to dart for the nearest escalator.

One of these days, before the baby is born hopefully, we may even attempt an overnight trip – though I can only imagine how hard it will be for me to leave him overnight!

I sure hope my in-laws are willing to continue babysitting when there’s two little ones!



Do you get out for dates with your husband? What are some of your favourite things to do?


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