Blast from the Past

I was surfing my phones camera album, which led to inspiration of surfing my Facebook albums….

Which led to a lot of “Awwww” and “Ohhhhh!” and “He was so tttttiiiiinnnnnnnyyyyyy!”, followed by the realization of “Wait… I’m going to have another one of these blobs?!”

Yeah, it’s still slowly setting in.


I try to remember what it’s like to have a blob-baby. One that doesn’t crawl, doesn’t roll, doesn’t climb onto tables… One that remains exactly where I put him, for at least 0.1245 seconds.


And I keep trying to picture what this baby might look like. Will he look like Dean? Will he have all the opposite features that Dean inherited? Will he rock the mohawk from birth (because Dean was really styling with that!)? Will he have my (non)existent chin? His dad’s dark hair? Will he have the same grey-blue eyes that Dean was born with? Will he have the crazy forehead hair that Dean had (yeah, I was good at photographing it in lights that you couldn’t tell – but hey, it’s a normal newborn thing and he thankfully lost it shortly after! ha!)

The things that pregnant women ponder…


And now…. The photos that I spent my entire work break ogling over.

Rocking out
Almost 12 weeks old
Five months old!
Someone pulled themselves to standing at only 5 months old…
So much personality
Classic “Dean-Face”
It’s my birthday…. And I’ll eat cake handsfree if I want to.
Excited to hit the Pub!
Getting ready for our flight home
Splashing in the pool!



You don’t realize how fast they grow until you look back on photos!

Ugh, two months and he will be two years old! YIKES!


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