What a Long Weekend! *phew*

I was pretty excited for my 5-day-long-weekend that started on Thursday night.

Mom’s Night Out with a couple of great ladies on Thursday night.
Mom and Dean Date Day to the Aquarium on Friday.
Swimming, household errands/cleaning and outside play on Saturday.
Family Day on Sunday.
Date Day while D is at daycare on Monday.
Maybe hit up some kind of Canada Day festival on Tuesday.

A fun and busy weekend to celebrate my last long weekend for a while – Starting next week I am working five day weeks for 4 weeks so I won’t have that extra day home with Dean for a month (though I have the ability to bring him with me to work on Mondays while I nanny the two siblings I used to care for before having Dean, which I may take advantage of once or twice)

Thursday’s dinner was wonderful – We got to enjoy a two hour long dinner and gab about everything and anything. Of course, as is the case with most MNO, it was mostly focused around our children. But the adult conversation with someone other than our husbands was nice!

Dean and I did get a chance to go check out the Aquarium on Friday. They’ve done a ton of expansions and updates – It is very fancy there now, though the exhibits are all the same, or at least very similar, aside from the toddler area which was relocated and expanded a bit. Dean loved checking out the dolphin show (which has been our “must see” regular for the past few visits) and he liked playing in the toddler “Clown Fish Cove” with the rock pillows and boat.
I bought a stroller board for our City Select to make longer day trips more accessible as he’s starting to get to the point where he wants the independence of not sitting in the stroller, but he can’t quite understand that it’s not okay to take off in the middle of downtown while it’s a crowded sidewalk of people rushing back to their offices after lunch. Seriously, I love this thing – I’ll do a review at a later date, keep your eyes peeled!
We came home but due to a 30 minute snooze on the way home, he had no interest in a real nap. (Insert warning bells that I didn’t clue into) He was a bit cranky in the afternoon so we hung around the house and played outside for the evening before a slightly-early bedtime.

On Saturday morning, we packed up and went for a swim at the pool. Dean starts swimming lessons next weekend (July 6th) and so we thought we would take him on our own this weekend. He’s a fish – he loves the water! When we arrived, we learned that there was a free drop-in with ride on cars, scooters and bikes. They had a few slides and a tunnel. And then on the other side of the gym, they had some sports (toddler sized basketball hoops and hockey nets with sticks) set up for free play, too. Dean ran around for half an hour before we went for a swim. He picked up on how to use a scooter very quickly – It was a matter of seconds before he took off on his own, without any help!
Swimming was fun, as usual! Dean splashed, kicked and dunked for close to an hour before we dried off, changed and grabbed some lunch on the way home.
He was extra tired [warning bells!] and napped well. Then he and I went on an adventure to the mall play area and Lego store (and so I could pick up my Parent Perks bag that I won!) while Jason and my Mother-in-Law, Pam, painted our new room. He was a bit sensitive towards the end of our adventure after a few collisions in the play area [ding ding ding] so we came home, had dinner and then he went for another slightly-early bedtime.

On our mall adventure
On our mall adventure

Sunday morning he woke a few times [ding, ding?], early, and Jason got him back to sleep. Then around 7am, he was raging and only Mommy-Snuggles would do. His temperature was a bit high so we gave him some Advil (after finding out we didn’t have any Tylenol after our last bought of illness) and sent Daddy to the grocery store for more medicine and our weekly grocery shop.
We spent the day alternating between Advil and Tylenol to keep his temperature down (though it would only drop to 38.5C at the lowest) and we stayed home to rest. There was lots of TV time (more than I am willing to admit…) and we doubled up on naps as he was worn out by 10am.
He was eating a decent amount, drinking lots and was overall healthy-seeming, aside from his fever and being pretty lazy. He went to bed fine, but woke up around 10pm with a temperature of 40.5C and was super cranky. We snuggled up on the couch and watched more Elmo. We tried to give him some medicine but he didn’t want it. Then he threw up all over the both of us. We decided to take him into the ER as his fever hadn’t been responding to the medication since before dinner and it climbed higher. He refused medicine, wouldn’t drink and was shivering even though we tried to lower his fever by doing skin-to-skin and mild-temp water, light clothing and such.
The ER at Surrey Memorial Hospital went through a massive overhaul a while back. They have a new Paediatrics ER, which means faster and more efficient service. The nurses and staff in the children’s ER are more geared towards children and their needs. The triage nurse and the nurse in the ward were terrific. They were great at helping Dean stay happy and calm while they checked him out. They were very patient and thorough with Jason and I while asking us the standard questions of what led to our visit and past medical history. Dean was pretty patient, though he kept asking to “go-go” but he was content sitting on my lap and watching TV in the waiting area. We spent a couple hours there before the doctor made it to us. His bedside manner sucked and he wasn’t at all interested in keeping Dean calm. He had us (read : Jason, since I couldn’t bring myself to pin him while he was screaming) hold Dean still so he could check his ears and such. After a quick exam, he decided that it seemed to be just a common, run of the mill fever. His temperature went down with the medicine they gave Dean shortly after we arrived. We are assuming that the chewables we got that morning weren’t as effective as liquid so we switched back after our visit to the ER.

Mommy Snuggles
Mommy Snuggles

I spent the night in Dean’s room, thankful for his double bed. He woke a few times but was quick to get back to sleep. We all slept in until close to 9am on Monday. The day consisted of more Elmo, Thomas and Super Why on the TV, tons of Elmo clips on the iPad via YouTube and many, many hours snuggled in Mom’s arms. He did get up to play for about 15-20 minutes a few times throughout the day, but would crash shortly after. He ended up napping twice during the day, which made bedtime a bit later than normal but also helped keep my sanity. I used his nap times to get some stuff done around the house – laundry, gardening and helping Jason finish getting the fan and closet doors back on in the spare-room-soon-to-be-our-room. After he went to bed, I got to work on the bedroom move. I moved the dressers, bedside table and box springs over but ended up having to get my husband to help me move the mattress (turns out a King Sized mattress is hard to fit through a door on your own – especially at six months pregnant!) Our room is now set up and we spent our first night in it. There are a few finishing touches that need to be completed; we need to get curtains and put some photos up on the walls and figure out a solution to the fact that our bedroom only has one outlet and it’s located at the centre of the headboard… Convenient, right?

New room!
New room!

Dean woke a few times overnight and finally at 2:30am, we just brought him into our bed with us. He was pretty good after then, aside from the half-of-a-dozen times I had to remove his limbs from around my neck. Dean was still hot to the touch but the thermometer read a half-decent temperature so we continued with the Tylenol and kept him dressed lightly. He woke up around normal time and started demanding attention. One nice thing about him being in a big bed with a gate on his door, is that when he wakes up, it gives us a little bit of wake-up time so we can let him play solo for fifteen minutes before getting up and having to start the day. With him in our bed? Not so much… Until we pulled out the iPad.
We got up and made some pancakes. He was still quite only-Mommy-snuggles-will-do, which while I love the snuggles, I just needed a bit of elbow room this morning so he had to accept snuggles from Daddy instead. Before breakfast, he watched TV. During breakfast, more TV. After breakfast? Yeah, you guessed it. TV again. His poor brain is going to be mush soon, if we keep this up! He was up and moving a fair bit this morning but went down for a morning nap again. He’s still sleeping, which I should probably go wake him soon so he will nap again this afternoon but not too late to mess up bedtime… We may head out in the backyard when he wakes up to get him a bit of fresh air and maybe some water table fun. Before coming in to watch more TV, of course.

Tomorrow, hopefully, he will be much better. I can’t really take time off work, due to my hours for maternity leave being really close to not qualifying. And I am hoping that he will be okay for daycare tomorrow. He’s healthy enough, aside from the tiredness. But he’s needy so may not be able to attend. My Father-in-Law is retired so if Dean isn’t too clingy, he may come over to babysit. Or else Jason will have to take the day off, after having the past two days off already, during a busy time at work. Yikes!

I’m definitely looking forward to being a SAHM so that childcare during sickness doesn’t become an issue or even a question of who will be staying home. I also hate leaving him when he’s sick – Mommy-guilt to the max, for sure! Two more months and I won’t have the guilt of leaving him for another child in the morning… Except for a month after that, when Baby Applesauce starts crying and I have to ditch him…


How was your long weekend? Are you enjoying some Canada Day activities today? (Or at least enjoying some sunshine? I’m enjoying it from the couch this weekend…)


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