Entering the Third Trimester!

I’m two thirds of the way there! FINALLY!


26.5 weeks along
26.5 weeks along

It feels like every symptom a woman can have during a pregnancy, I’ve had to some degree.

Pregnancy insomnia? Yup. Usually up for an hour or so every night for the past three months.
Morning sickness? Yup! For a good chunk of two months solid and now still on occasion.
Tender boobs? Yup, again. Sports bras have been my friends for the past six months.
Increased urination? I don’t drink anything within an hour of bedtime but still get up twice or more to pee…
Fatigue? Dear God, I wish toddlers had a snooze button… And that insomnia didn’t interrupt my attempts of sleep.
Food Cravings? YES. I’ll take some baked potato with a side of poutine and some tater tots on the side, please.
Aversions? Ugh, keep that cold pasta sauce away from me.
Mood swings? Daily. My husband may even argue that they are hourly…
Yeast infection? TMI, but yeah, I graduated into “womanhood” with my first one, ever, that was not willing to leave without a fight.
Leg cramps? I wake up in a panic when I am stretching because if I point my toes, I have the worst leg cramps in the history of all leg cramps. I have been pretty good about remembering to flex my toes, instead, which leads to only minor cramping instead.
Heartburn? Only if I eat chocolate too close to bed time, so thankfully this one is avoidable – except when I really want chocolate and it’s nearly bedtime…
Varicose veins? My legs look like they have more spider webs that my garden does – and my garden has TONS!
Braxton-Hicks? I’ve gotten a good amount after busy days… So most nights. While they aren’t painful, I’ve had a couple that were definitely not comfortable!
Water retention? My ankles, feet, hands and even my ear lobes have been swollen, off and on, with this summer heat.

It’s been a fun six months…

We’ve hit summer and the weather has warmed up – a lot. There’s been a few cooler days, which have been terrific, but we also sat at 30C+ a few days. Add in the humidity and I’m totally regretting that I didn’t do the math and realize that I would be pregnant THE. ENTIRE. SUMMER.

I had a chance to meet a second midwife from the team yesterday. I’ve only ever had my appointments with one of them but decided to take the chance to meet another yesterday for my monthly check up. While she was nice enough, I am not quite that happy with her – She has a thick accent, which I could only imagine would be hard to understand during labour and delivery when I can’t focus fully on her.

Baby is growing well – I’m measuring a bit bigger than I should, but I did with Dean, too. While I am only 27 weeks, 1 day today, I measured at 31 weeks yesterday at my appointment. Awesome.

My weight has been steadily increasing. I gained two and a half pounds this month, which still leaves me 4lbs under my starting weight from at conception. I’ll be going for an ultrasound in six weeks or so to check that baby is gaining enough to be a healthy weight for birth. The midwife isn’t too concerned but she does want to double check that my lack of weight gain isn’t having any negative effect on the baby. She didn’t look at my file, nor listen when I explained that I had had issues at the start of the pregnancy to maintain my weight and she kept insisting that I don’t gain any more weight during the pregnancy and that I needed to keep a very strict diet. She offered to refer me to the dietician, even though my past visits have been in regards to making sure I *don’t* lose any more weight.

I’m going to meet with her one more time, in three weeks, but then I am looking forward to returning to my original midwife that I’ve seen since the start of the pregnancy.
We have some names picked out for Baby Applesauce. We are going to go with a family name this time around. With Dean, we decided to avoid the family names as we didn’t want to have to pick and choose. Baby 2.0 will be likely getting a family name from each side. We have one name (first and middle) that we are both pretty set on but we want to have a second option ready, as well.

In just a few short months, Baby Applesauce will be born and we will be adjusting from being a family of three to a family of four. We’re excited to welcome him into our lives and hold him. But there’s also moments I am worried about what we’ve gotten ourselves into! With these past two weeks of Dean being sick, I can only imagine how much more tired we would be with a newborn in the house…


See you in a few months, Little One!


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