“Mommy More Nigh-Nights?”

That’s a question that has been asked every night, at least once, for the past 2 months. Sometimes there’s even a “Daddy more nigh-nights?” question along with it. And other times, it’s not even a question but a statement that Mommy is going more nigh-nights and there’s no escaping.

Dean has had some major sleep regression in this past month, thanks to the wonderful bug that he had.

He has always been an awesome sleeper since about 3 months old. For the first three months, not so much. He was an around-the-clock nurser. But around 14 weeks or so, he started sleeping for 8-10 hour stretches. It was amazing to feel rested again! He slept in his own bed and also co-slept for about 6 months, and then the self-declaration of being done with the crib as of mid-May, with barely any naps or bedtimes in the crib during that first month of transition.

Mommy Snuggles for Mr Sickie
Mommy Snuggles for Mr Sickie

But then this cold struck. And he was waking in a fit of rage at least five times a night. And no matter who would walk into his room to comfort him, it was the WRONG parent. He would flail, scream, cry and just be inconsolable. Then, the other parent summoned by the wonderful wake up call, would come in and he would want to be held. Not while laying down. Not while standing still. I would have to hoist him onto my baby-bump and sway with him resting his head on my shoulder. For half an hour. He would still be awake, but calm enough that we could crawl into bed and get him settled again.

It was exhausting. But it’s what had to be done so he would get enough rest to feel better and get over his cold-turned-ear-infection.

Finally, the cold passed. Or I should say “is passing”, I guess. He still has the cough and I wouldn’t say he is 100% better, but he’s getting there.

For about five days, there were some rough naps and bedtimes. I tried to be tough and get back to our normal routine, which did include laying down (“more nigh-nights”) with him after stories. But then when it was time for me to go, after five minutes or even ten minutes, he would scamper to the door and cry. Daddy would go in and come back out three minutes later, and magically, that was the end of the bedtime struggle.

We both do bedtime routine with him – sometimes one of us will be cleaning up or watering the garden or finishing dishes while the other is reading a few books, but we always make sure we’re both there for the final story and some snuggles. Then one lucky parent gets to go “more nigh-nights” and then the other, luckier, parent gets to “go-go” to freedom. Usually it’s me that gets requested for the extra few minutes of snuggles, not that I mind but there are some days that I am dying to run to the bathroom or to get changed or just have five seconds of downtime after work (since my commute home rarely consists of any since transit is so busy lately!)

For the past two nights, bedtime has been fairly typical. And he only woke once on Monday night, and not at all last night.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up but I am starting to think that this is the return of our 11-hours-of-sleep-a-night toddler. As much as I love him, 3am snuggles are not my idea of a restful night! Especially while being pregnant and it being so bloody hot out!

Even Batman needs a good nights rest!
Even Batman needs a good nights rest!

Hopefully he gets back on schedule, because in one month we are going to visit my Mom in the Yukon and then when we come home, Dean’s room will be moved to our old room and then he’ll return to daycare for his final week before my maternity leave begins and he gets all Mommy, all the time until baby is born about a month later… Because we like to keep him on his toes (and us too, at midnight… and 2am…. and 3:30am…. and 5am….)

Here’s hoping for some smooth transitions!!


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