Too Few Hours in a Day…

Ever feel like you just can’t seem to keep up with life? That you’re always on the move, always planning something, always going somewhere and always thinking of five different things at the same time?

It’s been like that for a while around here for me. And unfortunately, Crushed Cheerios has had to take a bit of a backseat.


With working full weeks (including three 10-hour-days) and Dean not sleeping at night and just general summertime madness, it’s been hard to find time to cruise Facebook mindlessly, never mind having to put brain power into writing posts!

I’ve got a few posts in the works that will hopefully be live soon but for now, you’ll just have to accept these ridiculously cute photos of my son as a newborn as an apology.



001 (21) Best Friends Big Eyes Dean Alexander Gandevia Dean sleeping (2) Sleepy snuggles




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