Berry Picking at Krause Berry Farm.

Jason, after working a long week of overtime, planned a couple of fun days for us this past weekend.
Aside from the five minutes of barely-conscious chats we have had at 2am after he arrives home, and talking via text when either of us have a moment, we hadn’t really seen each other since the Sunday before.
He would only get to see Dean for about an hour in the morning, during the rush of getting him fed, changed and to daycare before heading to prison work. Bedtime routine included calling Daddy on FaceTime but it still wasn’t quite enough for Dean (and my sanity! I’m not cut out for single parenting!)

On Saturday, after Dean had his nap, we loaded up the car and set out on a “surprise adventure.” Jason likes to be secretive when he gets ideas of something to do. Dean and I had no idea where we were going when we got into the car but as we turned off the highway and signs started appearing, pointing coincidentally in the directions we kept turning, it because apparent.

Krause Berry Farm
Krause Berry Farm

Krause Berry Farm, in Langley, was a great spot to hit up for some fresh berries! I’ve heard many great things about the farm before and seen many photos that friends have posted of their infamous waffles.

We set off into the fields, armed with baskets to collect berries and a wagon that Dean insisted “my pull” (translation : get your grubby hands off my wagon, adults, and back off!) We spent about 45 minutes picking some raspberries and blueberries. Dean had a blast and learned that he could pull them off and eat them – suddenly he didn’t rely on us to open the fridge door and give him some. While we tried to get him to put them into the basket, I’ll fully admit, he likely ate more than Jason and I picked off the vines (trees? bushes? whatever the term would be)

Next time, we weigh him before and after hitting the fields so we know how much they should be charging us for what he consumes!

We barely filled half of a 4L basket with berries before heading over to the playground for a bit of running around. Then we popped into the cafe for ice cream. Dean doesn’t get ice cream very often. Sometimes at IKEA we will get frozen yogurt and he will only eat a couple bites before getting a brain freeze and deciding he doesn’t like the evil cup of cold stuff. But the ice cream on the farm, fresh made by the way, was delicious and he ate a decent amount on his own, without even making a mess!

After our treats we hit the market that they have. It has everything from fresh fruit and veggies picked from their farm, to donuts and other treats.

We stocked up on blueberries, strawberries, cherries and corn. The prices are very reasonable for the pre picked stuff – for instance, the corn was $7 for 13 cobs, 10lbs of blueberries for $19.95! You can’t go wrong for those prices. The fruit taste better than the grocery stores and they are so much more fresh!


I now have a huge bag of frozen blueberries in the freezer for muffins and pancakes throughout the year – after Dean and I ate 1/3 of the box and we sent another 1/3 of the box home with the in-laws.

I’m tempted to bribe my husband into going back out there next weekend for raspberries… But I don’t know what I would do with all that fruit.


As terrible as it is, I have to admit, I don’t have a single photo of that day. I was wearing a dress without pockets and left my phone in the car. I wish I had stolen my husbands phone to snap some photos but I was too busy laughing at my son for the excitement and hunger in his eyes as he realized he had access to unlimited fruit!


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