Seven Hundred and Thirty Days…

That’s two years for anyone trying to do the math.

And that’s also how old Dean just turned!

(I’m really falling behind on the blogging – I promise, another week and I’ll be back and you can get sick of my over-posting!)

I can’t believe how fast time has been flying by and how fast you are growing up!

24 Month Stats :
Height – 36 inches (89th percentile)
Weight – 25 pounds (27th percentile)
Head – 20.5 inches (97th percentile)

(“Wow, you must have torn during delivery!” is usually the result of any health care professional when they measure his head…)

Favorites :
Meal – Pasta with tomato sauce
Fruit – Blueberries and strawberries
Animal – As of this past week, it’s a wolf
Toy – Anything with wheels has been a huge hit with you
Word – “No” – and you have the attitude to go with it
Book – Your Thomas the Train “Hide and Peep” book and “Nighty-Night Elmo” are two favourites for bedtime. You also enjoy reading “The Fire Station” by Robert Munsch – the first longer book you’ve managed to sit through, and then ask to read it again, as soon as it’s finished!
Song – You love singing “ABC,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “Baa-baa Black Sheep” and “Old MacDonald” all on your own. You’re starting to learn “The Wheels on the Bus” but tend to get stuck on the same verse over and over again.
TV Show – I think you’re leaning more towards Super Why lately, but you also enjoy Elmo and Thomas the Train
Activity – Building Duplo, assembling your train tracks and riding your new Strider bike

You’re emerging into your own person, even more than previously. You know what you want and you most of the time you will do what you need to to get what you want. Be it climbing a chair to reach the five foot high cupboard for the jar of rice that you decided you want to eat or be it moving the gate at the front door in order to go unlock the door and try escaping… You’re independent and nothing can stand in your way. Except Mommy and Daddy – but not without a fight.

You love to do things. “My turn off light” “My brush teeth” “My open door” “My carry backpack” “My push button” It’s constantly a struggle to get you to let me do anything anymore… Even when you come to the bathroom with me, because Heaven forbid you let me go alone!, you have to open the lid, get my toilet paper, flush, close the lid and wash my hands. I have to sneak to the bathroom when you’re around.

You make your own sentences now. Before you were great at repeating, but now you can see something or explain something in a sentence you’ve created. You love to tell me about what games you’ve played at daycare or what book you were just reading in your big bed while I was making a snack for us. You’ve moved on from using sign language. You can say words like “hippopotamus” “rhinoceros” and “emergency” but pool comes out “poo-day”.

You’ve moved yourself into your big bed and while we’ve had some sleep regressions due to you getting a few illnesses, we’ve settled back into a routine and you’re on your way to getting back to being a terrific sleeper… In time for us to move you to your new room next week, as we need to make room for baby.

With regards to baby, you’re excited to be a big brother. I don’t think you understand what that means, fully, but we’ll keep playing up the excitement in hopes that you won’t feel less-loved when baby arrives. You’ll still be my darling little man, the one that stole my heart. And I won’t love you any less. In fact, I’ll love you more as I watch you and your brother bond and learn to play together. I’m excited for spending more time at home with you, even if that time is split between you and your little brother, who you have affectionately nicknamed Baby Applesauce. You’re going to be an amazing big brother – you have so much love to give and things to teach. You’re already talking about teaching Baby A how to ride a bike, though I’ve tried to explain to you that he will just be crying and sleeping for the first few months. You’ll have to teach him how to sleep through the night – you were so terrific at that when you were a baby (too bad it was daytime napping that we had so much troubles with!!)

I can’t help but wonder what the future has in store for you… and what you have in store for the future.

I know that whatever it is, you’ll meet it head on and headstrong. And Mom and Dad will be right behind you, cheering you on.

Stay tuned for a photo montage of the past 6 months… I was going to put them together with this post but I want to wait for the photos we had done for his second birthday, which should be ready soon. 🙂


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