Dean’s New Habitat

No, we didn’t move him to a zoo (though sometimes I wonder if that’s where he belongs with the way he climbs and hangs all over everything!)

This long weekend was spent around the house. We cleaned out the “spare room” / our old room / Dean’s new room and set it up.

I have to admit… I’m pretty jealous about a certain someones room – he’s got the coolest and biggest and coziest room in the house!!

We built his cabinets, washed the floors, installed curtains, put up wall decals, moved his toy box into his room and even added a fun reading nook in the closet with a curtain and glow in the dark stars.

There are a few things that we need to finish up – organizing the top of his closet, putting some cushions and pillows into his “fort”, putting some Star Wars art into frames and hanging it on the wall and moving his handmade art from his old bedroom into his new bedroom.

He’s loving his room though! The transition went very smoothly. We kept him part of the entire process and we hyped it up for the past month that he would be moving to Mommy and Daddy’s old room. He helped us build the cabinets and arrange his toys and even move his clothes from the wardrobe in his old room to his new room. He loved helping sweep and use the screw driver and even helping Daddy with the drill.

"Helping" mommy build his cabinet
“Helping” mommy build his cabinet

The first night, I was a bit worried about how he would do in his new room. I was hoping to move him in before nap so that nap would be a trial, but the room wasn’t ready in time. We moved his bed to his new room around 6pm. After playing in there and spending a bit of extra downtime in there before leaving him to go to sleep, I was expecting some complaints or whining… But he surprised me and I didn’t hear a peep!

In the morning I heard him waking up and could hear him freeze for a moment, likely mid-stretch judging by the rustling. I held my breathe while waiting for him to get upset about his new surroundings, but instead I heard “*gasp* OH!! New room!!” and him scurry off his bed to go play.

He’s been in there three nights now and he’s done great with the transition. He enjoys having his toys in there but he also isn’t quite a fan of playing solo in an empty room. I’ve spent some time sitting on his bed, reading or playing on my laptop on my own, while he’s played happily on the floor by himself.

Today I went through his toys and cut back the number of things we have in his room. I’m hoping to get the final touches done in his room before baby is born, but we will have to wait and see if that happens – I’m out of order for a while after throwing out my back yesterday.

Here are some shots of the room :




Reading Nook (in progress!)
Reading Nook (in progress!)



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