My Child is Too Empathetic.

Yes, you read that right.


He notices babies crying while we are at a mall and is concerned for them.

He sees someone fall and says “Oh no! It’s okay. Up you go!” to them or just in general.

I tell him my back hurts and he runs to get me his puppy and gives me hugs and kisses to help me feel better.

It’s great to see that he has compassion and cares for others at such a young age.


However, today we were watching “Planes” by Disney and I felt like I was traumatizing him…

He watches TV once in a while. With my current back injury. I’ve used it more than I would prefer but I’m just not able to keep up with him – even while just sitting on the floor, playing. He generally only watches an episode (25 minutes) of Super Why! every few days. Well, yesterday we watched two and a half episodes. And then this morning we put on a movie. He’s watched bits and pieces of Frozen but never a full movie in one sitting. Guilt was setting in after my husband popped it in for us before leaving for work, but I figured given the circumstances, I could bend my own rule about that much TV.


He was pretty excited to watch the airplanes. With our recent trip to Whitehorse to visit my mom, he’s big into planes now. We watched as the planes soared through the air, did rolls, dusted crops and talked to cars. Dean kept pointing out that the planes had eyes and that they were talking, which is pretty weird to a logical mind like his – even at barely 2 years old. But then came the crashing, the climaxes of the races, the evil planes sabotaging Dusty… And the tears.

Dean was so distraught by the planes crashing that I felt the equivalent to a parent would feel by letting their 5 year old watch a Saw marathon. A five year old that was sensitive to those kinds of things. After some reassurance that the planes were okay from their crash or that Dusty would be okay, the tears subsided.

Towards the end of the movie, he wasn’t as sensitive to the crashing or frightening (I use that term loosely) parts but he would still fling himself across the couch and snuggle up close but there weren’t tears and I didn’t feel like a jerk for letting encouraging him to watch the movie.


It was a good movie. I hadn’t seen it before but I knew since it was Disney and about airplanes that it would be an acceptable movie for a freshly-two-year-old. I had a feeling there would be some scenes that I had to help him understand what was happening but for the most part he understood (according to him narrating the movie back to me while we were watching it anyways, lol!) He seemed to know who the “bad guys” were and who Dusty’s friends were. Overall, definitely a great movie – I enjoyed the adult humour that Disney always throws in that goes right over the kids heads.

It was also a great learning experience for both Dean and I. I learned that Dean is clearly affected by more things than I would have thought. And Dean learned that sometimes things can be a bit scary or worrisome but if you keep watching, it works out in the end (not always the case, but at two years old, let’s hope he can keep that innocence for a few more years!)

I enjoyed the extra snuggles and the rest was a relief for my aching back. But this afternoon, we won’t be watching TV – the sun is shining and the backyard is calling!


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