“My Need My Phone, Too, Mommy!”

The other day I asked on Facebook if your kids picked up or mimicked any of your bad habits.


Well, Dean has done both with this one.

I usually always have my phone handy. And while we are eating breakfast or lunch, I take advantage of the downtime to check out Facebook or give myself a few minutes of mental break.
But a few days ago, Dean hopped off his chair during breakfast and ran to his toy box because he needed his phone too.

That’s when I knew we I had a problem. And that Dean was going to be an important part in helping me.


Now, whenever we are sitting at the table, if I have my phone on the table, Dean reminds me “NO PHONES AT THE TABLE MOMMY!” and will put it on the couch for me so I’m not tempted to use it.

While there are times that I’ve been so busy with him the past few hours that I want to take five minutes to myself, we have been having some great conversations over our lunch. Dean is getting better at holding up his end of the conversation and it’s great to have that time focused on just chatting, while he’s eating, and not running around to get toys from his bedroom or throwing balls or being a super hero and running through the house.

I can try to catch those few minutes of peace later… When we’re playing Hide and Seek.




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