When You’re Always Go-Go-Go But Your Back Screams STOP!

I hate sitting still.

Anyone who knows me, knows this.


My days off would be spent going on an adventure with Dean to the Aquarium or Science World or to at least three different parks.

In the evening, I do tend to settle on the couch for a bit, but sometimes even that is too much downtime for me.


For the past two months, I have barely done any baby-prep around the house, as I was going to take a month off before baby was due to spend time with Dean and get things ready. I figured I had plenty of time and lots of energy for it. I was feeling great (as awesome as an eight month pregnant woman can feel when suffering from acid reflux, insomnia and a slew of other symptoms, that is)

Then, two days into maternity leave (technically, it was still the long weekend so really maternity leave wasn’t even started yet!) I tripped while bringing in a basket full of laundry. It hurt and the pain lingered. But I didn’t think much of it.

Two days after that, I had back pain that only really bothered me when I was taking the first few steps then it would just be more of a discomfort.

The day after that? I could barely walk without cringing from pain. And it only got worse as the day went on. I spent most of the day on the couch. I even let my son watch his first full movie… I just couldn’t move without stabbing pain in my back/pelvic area.

A call to Medeo ended with a “soft diagnoses” (they couldn’t quite diagnose it over the app, but the doctor felt confident that was the answer) that it’s sciatica, which is essentially a herniated lumbar disc.

Friday morning I went to the chiropractor and walked out with a bit of relief. I have tried to keep walking and lifting to a minimum since then, spending most of my day on the couch or the rocker outside while Dean gets some fresh air. He’s been watching Planes every day since Friday as we need something to fill in our day that doesn’t require too much effort from me. While I feel terrible for letting him watch so much TV, I’ve also been trying to give myself a break and accept that it is some much needed downtime. He has viral bronchitis so he is benefiting from the rest as well. We still do plenty of reading, building and other play. And it’s not like he’s begging to watch movies all day, from the moment he wakes up. To be honest, we made it until 5pm today before *I* suggested we go relax with a movie. Haha!

I’ve gone three times to the chiropractor and my pelvis and back are definitely feeling better. I’ve got limited range of motion though. And walking is still painful. Stairs or single steps up and down and not possible without flinching from the pain.

It’s making it hard to prepare for baby. I still have plenty of things on my to-do lists. But I’ve had to accept that they won’t all get done. We’re basically ready for baby, in the essentials department, though I have more things around the house that I wanted to get organized and sorted and cleaned before baby came. I may still have time to get them done, as I am not due for another three weeks and hope this pain won’t be sticking around that long.

I’ve been on self-appointed (well, actually, husband-demanded) bed rest for a week now. I still walk to appointments (slowly and painfully) and do a bit around the house, but I’ve been taking it very easy. And it’s driving me crazy.

I can’t wait until this pain subsides and the injury heals. I need to do things. I need to get Dean to the park. I need to get off my butt and vacuum the house (Dean did a decent job last week when I put him to work, but with a dog, husband and toddler, it’s needing to be done again)

While I definitely won’t be jumping into overdoing it once I’m feeling better, I will definitely be taking a slow stroll to the park with Dean, maybe grabbing a coffee on the way!


One thought on “When You’re Always Go-Go-Go But Your Back Screams STOP!

  1. I’m glad your realizing that the world won’t stop if you don’t get everything done. Rest is the best thing and looking after yourself before baby comes. Everything will be fine and get done when baby arrives….hugs.

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