Baby Applesauce Update… Two Days Short of Due

Two days. I am two short days away from my due date.


Which means diddley squat, as most moms know.

Baby Applesauce has been given his eviction notice nearly three weeks ago, when I hit “full term” at 37 weeks. While pregnancies can be anywhere from 37-42 weeks, I was so sure that he would be born before his due date. I figured with Dean being four days late with nine days of early labour, that I would be granted some kind of good Karma and Baby A would be out by now.

But nope! Turns out he’s as stubborn as his brother.
I’ve been having contractions, off and on, irregular and short in length, since Sunday afternoon. Thought they were just Braxton Hicks from being dehydrated and walking in the sunshine for most of the day, but they’ve continued. It’s now been 48+ hours and they are still happening (about 10 seconds in length, 2-3 an hour with a few longer stretches) and they’re uncomfortable but not quite painful.

Baby isn’t very impressed with them. He tends to stretch out against them which is really uncomfortable (for both of us, I’m sure) and I usually tend to have this bulge sticking out to the side of my stomach from his heels.

I think we will all be happier (Jason and Dean, too!) when Baby evacuates my uterus. I’m done being pregnant. I’m trying to enjoy the last few days of being pregnant. This will be our second and final baby – we can’t picture our family with more than two kids for many reasons. While I will miss having the little flutters, I won’t miss the swift kicks to the ribs or lungs. I’ll miss rubbing my belly and having him squirm in response.

But I won’t miss the nausea, SI joint pain, heartburn, emotional roller coaster and all the other side effects that I have had with either pregnancy!

And honestly, I can’t wait until after nursing (or at least after that initial “don’t even say the word ‘boobs’ because they are so freaking sore” feeling when nursing is getting established) when I can comfortably belly-flop in my bed after a long day. There was only two months between nursing Dean and getting pregnant with Baby Applesauce and I haven’t gotten a chance to enjoy tummy-sleeping since we got married nearly three years ago (We got pregnant within a month of getting married, for those trying to do the math)

Any day now… *breathes* Any day….


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