Welcome Baby Applesauce!

What a whirlwind the past few days have been!


On Sunday morning, after a family breakfast of pancakes, we got a phone call from Surrey Memorial Hospital asking us to come in at 10:30am for an induction. We got ready and kissed Dean goodbye (he stayed home with my mom, who arrived the day before from the Yukon and was staying with us) and figured we would be home to put him back to bed for nap in two hours.

Yeah, that didn’t happen!

Upon arrival, I was asked for a urine sample. I totally forgot to catch my sample but being pregnant, I knew I could stand up, grab the cup and then catch another stream. The sample I got wasn’t urine… My water broke!

I noticed an odd colour to it so called the nurse who confirmed what I was guessing : There was meconium present. Baby Applesauce had pooped inside the womb. It’s pretty common, but can cause complications upon birth as they could breathe it in when they take their first breath.

After an internal exam, the midwife said that I was still the same as my appointment nearly a week before. My cervix was still posterior and only 2cm dilated. She encouraged me to walk to help contractions along but the OB who had to be called (due to the meconium) suggested to start oxytocin. I walked for twenty minutes (the most they could allow me before I had to go back on the fetal monitor) and there was starting to be some slight cramping and starts of contractions but nothing serious yet. Jason and I agreed to the oxytocin drip as my contractions were still few and far between (but strengthening and getting closer together) and we wanted to make sure that Baby Applesauce was given the highest chance of being born healthy. I was set up with an IV drip and they got the oxytocin set up but didn’t start the drip by the time my contractions picked up pace.

My doula set up the TENS machine to help me with the pain. I wish I had this with my first! It definitely helped with the pain. It’s little pads that stick to your back and they cause an almost massage-like feeling that you increase during contractions. It gave me something to focus on during the pain of the contractions.

By noon, an hour and fifteen minutes after my water broke, the contractions were officially regular and strong. And all natural. The oxytocin wasn’t even started by then. I continued to labour naturally and was progressing great.

At 1pm, I was in full blown labour. The contractions were coming fast and hard. The oxytocin had been started, but it takes a while to cross into the blood stream and then kick in.

Around 2:15p, the nurse suggested to use the bathroom and upon sitting down, it suddenly felt like I needed to push… Just moments after being told I was only 6cm dilated. I tore with my first so was anxious about pushing too early, and well, 6cm is MUCH too early!

They got me onto the bed and one hard contraction later, paired with a bit of laughing gas to help with the pain, I was 10cm and ready to push. Again, due to the meconium, there was some urgency to make sure baby was out and looked over by the paediatrician as soon as possible. Baby’s heart rate was also dropping, likely caused by being compressed during contraction and pushing, but it was causing more pressure (no pun intended) to get baby out. My midwife was very firm about telling me to push, and getting me to listen to her, when all I wanted to do was take a moment to catch my breath between the second and third push. The birthing team were all wonderful, even if at the time I was cursing them (inside my head, of course) for being demanding that I push.

It took three pushes to get Baby Applesauce into the world. Seven minutes of pushing. (Yes, you can hate me now) The paediatrician scooped him up, took him to the warmer, gave him a check over and a clean bill of health. He got a high score on the Apgar scale and he was soon placed in my arms. Hungry, the little guy made his way down and latched on like a champ!

All the worry from the past four hours melted away as I held him in my arms. He was a spitting image of Dean at birth. Dark hair, blue-grey eyes and a smushed little face full of rage! He has much chubbier cheeks and was nearly a full pound heavier than him, but the resemblance was definitely there! His head is a bit more round than Dean’s, as well.

Jason left shortly after Sammy was born so that he could pick up my mom and Dean from the house and bring them out to meet Baby and then dropped them off for dinner at Jason’s parents house, where we had been hoping to make it in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

We were discharged six hours after he was born, at about 9pm. We were glad for our short stay in the hospital and to be home and in our own bed that night. On our way home from the hospital, we stopped at Jason’s parents house to show off Sammy to Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie.


We’re adjusting quite well at home. Dean is loving the role of big brother. Meanwhile, I’m slightly panicking (between moments of “I’ve got this”) about being left solo on Tuesday, after a week of having not only Jason on hand to help, but my mom, too.

I’ll hopefully get some more posts up this week about how we are adjusting and what’s been happening, but no guarantees as I will be flying solo from Tuesday-Friday, when Jason returns to work and my mom has gone home.


Wish me luck!




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