Becoming a Family of Four

We’ve had some time to settle into our new life now, as a family of four.

At first, it was a bit overwhelming with trying to figure out how to get much done around the house with baby and toddler – one demanding my attention and the other demanding boobs, but we’ve finally found a bit of a routine.

My husband returned to work when Sammy was 9 days old, leaving the daytimes a bit crazy and chaotic, but it’s getting better. I even fit in vacuuming and two loads of washing and three loads folding this morning! I have to admit, a lot of thanks is owed to “SuperWhy!” for distracting my toddler on this wet and cold day. And to Ergo for letting me wear baby while I vacuumed. But hey, it got done!

We’ve been enjoying morning adventures – Science World, Quay, parks, IKEA, Motoring Munchkins, Funky Monkey, Strong Start and a few other outings. It’s made for long days when a certain two year old doesn’t get out in the morning to run around – nap time is short, afternoons are full of meltdowns and Mom’s sanity is at stake. While I would love to stay in on the occasional morning and read books, play playdough and colour, my toddler disagrees. (And no, we didn’t get out this morning, which I will be paying for dearly when he only naps two hours – but that’s okay, we have Trick or Treating at Jason’s work after nap so he needs to wake up early anyway!)

Dean has been adjusting well. There hasn’t been any signs of jealousy from him or any acting out that is related directly to having a baby take over his life. He does tend to get a bit overly-silly when he needs a bit extra attention or gets bored, but it’s quick to notice and even if I am sitting on the couch with Sammy, nursing, he is happy to bring a book up and snuggle next to me while I read it for him. Dean has been very helpful and loving towards Sammy. When he starts to cry, Dean is right there patting his hand or touching his cheek and telling him “It’s okay, Sammy” – too cute! Once or twice Sammy has been hungry and crying, so no amount of soothing helps and Dean runs over to tell me “Mommy, I can’t make Sammy happy!” with some worry in his voice. He’s very empathetic!

Sammy is sleeping decently well, which makes life a bit easier on me! He has some troubles falling asleep after our bedtime feed (last feeding before Jason and I both want to sleep) but once he’s out, he goes about 4 hours at night. It may not seem like a long time, but Dean was nursing every 45 minutes for the first month. So four hours at a time seems like a good nights rest!

I am definitely feeling some Mommy-Guilt lately though. Before Sammy, Dean was showered with attention and time and love. And don’t get me wrong, he still is, but now there’s times that Sammy is fed and asleep for a nap and I want to sit and enjoy a cup of tea… Then Dean runs over and asks for me to play and I send him away for ten minutes on his own so I can enjoy having my hands free and wrapped around a warm tea mug, instead of my usual cold one. It’s good for him to play on his own, which I totally get, but it still makes me feel guilty. But in the end, that ten minutes gets my sanity in check and I’m ready to play with him and snuggle him for a longer period of time than if I didn’t take those ten minutes to myself. And yes, sometimes those ten minutes, like now, turn into twenty because he’s happily playing with trains or reading solo.


And now to go read some stories with the big monster before nap time.


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