Juggling a Baby and Toddler

Today, I was Superwoman.


I folded three loads of laundry and put it all away. We got out for a walk and to the mall. I swept the house. I pumped three ounces of milk for my fridge stash for nighttime top ups. I did dishes, three times. I made dinner. I bathed both boys. I re-organized toys. I sorted through the newborn clothes that Sammy outgrew overnight. We got out for a walk after nap, sans stroller AND with the dog.

There were minimal tears (someone is teething so we couldn’t have a perfect day) and maximum fun. I even got twenty minutes of hands-free, non-nursing, quiet time to myself.

Now, where is my award?

Sammy is going through a growth spurt at the moment. On Sunday he slept most of the day. Monday was nursing most of the day. And then today has been sleeping with two or three massive cluster feeding sessions. He woke up yesterday morning in a newborn sleeper. I changed him for the day. At bedtime, I tried to put him into another newborn sleeper and realized that someone outgrew his newborn clothes… All of them. So I’ve packed them up and posted them online to sell them. (No, we’re not planning on more children – and so to help prevent any second thoughts, we are selling everything and anything he outgrows, that day, lol!)


Dean is teething. I thought he had his two year molars back at 21 months old. But when at the dentist a couple of months ago, the dentist commented that he doesn’t have them yet. We’ve seen one of them come in since and now a second is trying to poke through the gums. He’s been sporting a snotty nose and some extra tears in the past few days, which I initially thought was a cold coming on, but seems to be teething is the real culprit.

We’ve been getting into a good routine around here now. Jason has been sneaking out early morning to hit the gym before work, so has been leaving before any of us are up for the day. Which leaves breakfast chaos for me, solo. It took a few days to figure out a way to limit the craziness but the boys and I have figured it out. Dean tends to hang out in bed after waking up, or ventures to his carpet in the bedroom to play with his trains or toys. Occasionally he will stand at the gate to his room and will call out to let me know that he’s awake. I’ll usually hang onto any last second zzzz’s I can until Sammy wakes. He’s been co-sleeping with us the past few nights, so I nurse one side before going to change his diaper and heading into D’s room. Sammy is usually content enough to be put down on the bed while I change Dean’s diaper. Then I nurse the other side while Dean and I read a book or two on his bed. Sammy gets ditched in the swing or the bouncy seat in the living room while I get breakfast ready for Dean and I. After breakfast, everyone gets dressed and we’re usually out the door about an hour after I roll out of bed.


I rely on our morning outing for my sanity. Not only is the fresh air relaxing, but it wears out Dean so he will nap better and it causes Sammy to sleep (no baby can resist the sweet swaying of the stroller or Ergo) And sometimes, if I am really lucky, I’ll get a chance to grab a coffee – and drink it – while it’s still hot!

We’ve been venturing out to different activities to keep busy and help Dean get time to play with other kids. Now that he is out of daycare, I feel more pressure to get him out and interacting with toddlers and preschoolers. He is a social boy and can usually make friends, even if sometimes it’s a total one sided friendship. Today, while at the play area in the mall, he ran into a boy we met a few weeks ago at the park near our house. They seemed to remember each other and picked up the game they were playing nearly four weeks ago like it was yesterday. Then the three year old boy had his preschool friend show up for their play date and Dean was forgotten. But that didn’t stop him from joining in and running alongside them as the two played together. I loved watching Dean trying to keep up with the two 3-year-olds, even while being ignored, but having the time of his life. He didn’t seem to care, or even notice, that they weren’t actually running from him (“I’m chasing them, Mommy,” he called many times to where I was nursing Sammy) but that they were just running around and playing their own game.

Thanks to daylight savings time, which I know many parents loathe, we have a chance of actually getting out of the house early enough for certain activities that tend to get overly busy and crowded by 10am. Normally, wake up has been around 9am but the past few days we have been up by 7:45am at the latest.


I’m hoping to keep up this lucky streak of seeming like I have my motherhood pants on but I’m not going to hold my breath. Why? Because soon we are starting potty training. And soon a good day will be not having to clean up poop-foot-prints from the hallway after being peed on for the sixth time, after telling Dean to not drive his hot wheels cars on his penis.

Ah, the glamorous life of a mother to two boys, barely two years apart…


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