Potty Training is Now in Session

I’ve been meaning to start for a while now. I was really hoping that I would spend the month before Sammy was born, while home with Dean, to potty train him and get him out of diapers.

Then I had SI joint issues and could barely walk. So the idea of going back and forth to the bathroom and having to lift him up onto the toilet over and over all day just didn’t appeal to me.


Now that Sammy is on a bit more of a schedule (if you can call it that!) we can focus on potty training a bit more. And there’s rain in the forecast for the next week or two, so parks and walks and bike rides are few and far between, keeping us at home a bit more than usual.

Yesterday I packed up the kids and we went for a walk to the grocery store. While pushing the basket down the isles, he found marshmallows and was practically begging for them.

LIGHTBULB! *click!*

He jumped up and down when I told him he could buy a bag and to put it into the basket. But he was told there was a catch to eating them : he had to use the potty.

We talked about it the while getting more groceries. I told him that we would put some in a jar in the bathroom – when he goes pee, he’d get one. When he poops, he’d get two. We’ve been using cars as incentive, but he has such a large collection of Hot Wheels that he hasn’t really cared too much (has earned three cars so far in the past six months). But the marshmallows? We’re going to need more soon!

Yesterday afternoon he woke from nap and said he had to pee. And he went pee. Then flushed, got his marshmallow and announced he had to pee again. And he did. He flushed, ate another marshmallow and then had to pee AGAIN. I saw where this was going so I told him that he would get marshmallows AFTER he’s dressed. He peed, flushed, dressed and then got his marshmallow and went on his way.

Today, after getting in from our walk, he said he had to pee and ran to the bathroom. I reminded him that he would get his reward AFTER getting dressed when he was done going pee. So he sat there and peed. “One marshmallow!” “Are you all finished?” “No. More pee.” And he peed again. “TWO!” And peed again “THREE!!” And again “FOUR!” It went on, with me laughing and shaking my head, all the way up to eight.

This child is not my kid – If only I had that kind of bladder control! HA!

I reminded him that he gets one marshmallow for going pee and there was no complaints about getting ripped off.


But just to make sure he got a good score, he decided to go poop, too.



I have a feeling that this isn’t going to take long for him to be potty trained. And that I am going to need more marshmallows.

Until Monday, we are being very relaxed about this. I’ve been asking him often if he wants to use the potty but not pushing it.

On Monday, we will be diving in for the week. We’re ditching the diapers and hoping for the best while at home (except sleep times, of course!) I’m feeling pretty confident that he’s going to catch onto this very quickly!



Wish me luck!
And send mops and paper towels!


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