[Product Review] Diaper Bag : Skip Hop DUO

I love purses. I have bags of bags of bags in the garage. But when I would go out (pre-kids) I would rarely leave the house with a purse.

A month before Baby Sammy joined us, I went out and treated myself to a new diaper bag. I wasn’t a huge fan of the bag I used with Dean. It was clunky, big and hard to access all the excellent pouches and such. It was also awkward when carrying it and felt heavier than it should have felt for the lack of stuff in it.

I *LOVE* this new bag. Not only is it more roomy and functional, I enjoy the pattern.

Skip Hop really outdid themselves with this bag!



Firstly, the main compartment has a full zipper across the top. There’s no flap in the way, no magnetic closure which allows the little ones to access it and dump everything out. It has two pouches inside, along with the large open compartment.

On the main opening is a small somewhat hidden zippered compartment. It’s perfect for my wallet, keys, chap stick and phone. It keeps them handy but secure.

There is a pocket on the outside which is just the right size for a change pad (included) a couple of diapers and a travel wipes case.

On the sides are two bottle pouches. Neither is meant to keep bottles cold, but I never felt comfortable with the ones on my old bag to keep the milk chilled so never used it and because of the thermal layer, it was bulky and wouldn’t fit my coffee cup or water bottle. These ones do fit them and they are deep enough that even my Starbucks tumbler (a regular staple of outings) isn’t in the way or sticking up above the bag.

The front consists of three pockets. Two magnetic closure pouches (each are the size of a large pack of wipes, sans box) that keep things close at reach. And there’s a good sized zippered pouch.


Perfect wallet compartment!
Perfect wallet compartment!


The bag has three carry options.

There’s two handles for grabbing it by hand.

There’s a carry strap for cross body or shoulder carry. I love the strap because I can take it off. My husband always hated me with our old diaper bag because I would make the strap as small as it goes because I never wore it and it was always in the way. Now, I can take the strap off completely and REALLY annoy him (hey, the amount he uses the diaper bag compared to me, it’s only fair that I take it off and make it convenient for me)

And then there’s the awesome patented shuttle clips which make attaching it to your stroller a breeze! I can clip it onto the stroller anywhere I want without having to attach it to the clips that stay on the stroller. The clips are handy and remain on the diaper bag. I really love this feature. Depending on the stroller set up, the bag is sometimes tough to reach but I can unclip one side, pull it out from hiding under the seat and grab what I need from the large compartment before clipping it back on – all while holding Sammy. I also use the clips to attach the diaper bag to the stroller while it’s in the basket if we are out and about where I am leaving the stroller off to the side so that it’s harder to pulled out by someone looking to steal bags or by innocent little ones that are emptying stroller baskets at the local drop in.


I like to think that I don’t carry a ton of crap in my diaper bag. I feel like it’s all important things that I should keep on hand… Realistically, I overpack for every vacation, so I am sure it’s overpacked as well.

Want to see what’s in my diaper bag? Check back soon – I’ll be posting my stash in a few days.


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