Christmas Fun!

This past Sunday, we dove into Christmas with a fun filled day of activities downtown Vancouver.


I’ve been wanting to take Dean on the Bright Nights train but I thought we would have to skip it again this year. The $10 in service fees on a $22 purchase for two tickets just seemed too steep and the chances of being downtown in the morning and then staying all day to get to the train at night seemed like a dangerous idea. But we did it anyways!

We loaded up the car and headed out for our day.

First stop, the aquarium! Dean and Jason went to wander around and check out the first while Sammy and I stood in line at the Bright Nights train to get tickets for that night. Afterwards, we met up together and spent twenty minutes doing Dean’s favourite thing at the aquarium… Running up and down ramps. Yes, that’s the highlight at the aquarium. At least he had more fun than Sammy – who didn’t even wake up the entire time we were there.

Trying to go for a swim in the fountain
Trying to go for a swim in the fountain

From there we drove over to my brother-in-laws apartment to park the car and walk around. Dean had some lunch in the stroller and Sammy went back to sleep (such a hard life) in the carrier. Jason’s parents arrived downtown and we walked up to where the Santa Claus Parade wraps up. We found a spot to sit a few blocks from the end. There were kids playing on the (blocked off) road and drawing with chalk. Dean enjoyed running around and drawing. He found a few girls to chase (of course) and wore off some of his energy before settling into the stroller for the parade.

Playing on the road while waiting for the parade to start
Playing on the road while waiting for the parade to start

He had such a blast watching the parade. He loved the police motorcycles, fire trucks and ambulances. He waved to a few of the people in the parade (but then tried to hide when they waved back)

"Police motorcycles!"
“Police motorcycles!”

We went to dinner in Yaletown, with Dean fast asleep in the stroller, and then hit Bright Nights with my in-laws.

Dean was pretty tired from only having a short nap and we were a bit unsure how it would go. He was great while we waited in line. He was very excited to go on a train and see the Christmas lights! The line up moved quite quickly and after about 25 minutes we were on the train with a very excited and happy two year old (and a passed out 8 week old)

Waiting for the train ride
Waiting for the train ride

We walked around Bright Nights but didn’t do too much exploring as we were all tired and it was getting close to bedtime with a decent drive home.

Bright Nights
Bright Nights

Once home, we got him in his PJ’s, got him into bed and he was out within moments. Dean had a terrific day and we made many memories.


We’ve got a couple more fun festive days ahead!


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