A Year In Photos – 2014

This past year has been a busy one – there’s no denying that!

We grew from being “a couple with a kid” to a “family of four”, which was our biggest highlight of the year. We made many memories and are excited for the next year of milestones, memories and fun!


69036_10153701952140570_439340182_nAlways smiling and full of laughter ❤

71440_10153708611600570_111327343_n Jason and I went to his works Christmas Party (they hold it in January)

1460995_10153722230940570_1258436474_n Dean transitioned to his big boy bed – all by himself!

1898209_10153806978750570_946826788_n First dentist check for this little man

1654378_10153869260935570_731176323_nIn late February we travelled up to Whitehorse, Yukon to visit my parents – It was cold but a great visit as I got to tell my mom the news, in person, about….

1959447_10153861987635570_1960282009_n Baby 2.0 – After two months of trying, we were pregnant with our second baby. We found out at the end of January (putting a halt to my Weigh In Wednesdays) and had our dating ultrasound in March, which put our due date on October 2nd 2014!


I got back into running to train for the 2014 Sun Run back in December. My goal was to hit 500KM before the Sun Run in April – I reached my goal in March!

10325314_10154049235690570_7781690643364845590_nA friend and I completed the Sun Run in April – I was 4 months pregnant and managed to run about 5/10km! Next year, I want to run even more of it!

10269637_10154103390345570_2817102311280061522_nWith a backyard, how could we NOT have a garden! Dean loved watering the garden every day – and especially loved pulling the tomatoes off the plants and eating them!

10525924_10154418408205570_1360849435475513499_n10552477_10154335665155570_2002353282545180290_nWe loved spending time in the backyard in the pools this summer! It was a great way to escape the heat – and it was a scorcher of a summer!

10603523_10154466665140570_674120660605009358_n10513442_10154489450750570_5990608338097366869_n10620594_10154491392285570_7500013410251720024_nWe went up to the Yukon (just Dean and I) for my mom’s 50th birthday. It was a great trip and I got to see lots of other family members that made it up for the party too!

10626771_10154494873970570_3142993749444317252_n Dean got a Strider bike for his second birthday – he’s still learning how to glide on it but he’s definitely got the speed down pat!

10672036_10154531970145570_2757178429099876382_n With baby coming, we all switched bedrooms – Dean took over the master bedroom to have room for his toys, we took over the smallest room (which can barely contain our bed and two dressers!) and then we kept Dean’s old room as the nursery for baby.

10632653_10154565687515570_8315192858659265152_n Happy second birthday Dean!

1610802_10154575167290570_8028440893236869906_n In September, I had major SI joint pain from the way baby was positioned. I could barely walk and I was on medical leave – with a toddler at home! YIKES! We watched movies almost every afternoon as I was on husband-appointed bed rest.

10334278_10154599948055570_6376865242792420131_n When Dean went to the doctors and she listened to his chest, she noticed a murmur. We went for tests but they came back that his heart was perfectly healthy!

10603587_10154603858670570_9118819406718678984_n Jason surprised us with a weekend getaway to Victoria – our last “family of three” getaway!

10628106_10154645857095570_3200920193066648848_n What did you do on your due date? Well, we went to Science World!

10603237_10154696487355570_6072597704938632845_n Finally, ten days late, Sammy arrived! It was a whirlwind of a labour and delivery – four hours from start to finish!

10599487_10154762575330570_4924299561879270379_n We did our first year of door to door trick or treating with Dean – He quickly became a pro at knocking on doors to ask for chocolate.

10730895_10154812735440570_7357226048684828885_n Dean jumped right into the big brother role. He loves helping with his baby brother – holding him, getting toys to keep him happy and turning on his swing.

10806446_10154836753160570_8926575040904667889_n Sammy grew like a weed in the weeks leading up to the end of the year. He went from newborn clothes to six month clothes in just 11 short weeks.

10675561_10154889068975570_5255326087306773333_n We did our annual tradition of going to Bright Nights – this time we went on the Christmas train, which was a big hit!

10846233_10154909723490570_4853558607351809363_n Dean was much more interested in Christmas this year. Sammy was completely oblivious to the holiday. We went to lots of events around town.

10857829_10154929337800570_3134787129066226581_n Another annual event : Breakfast with Santa on top of Grouse Mountain. Dean enjoyed playing in the snow, eating breakfast, seeing the reindeer and throwing snowballs at Daddy.

10689712_10154935169110570_1279110452082848097_n We were struck down with a virus shortly before Christmas, which lingered for weeks. Amoxicillin for everyone and lots of rest! Dean is well on his way to training to be a doctor with the number of times we had to check his temperature!

10502204_10154951805715570_8406810082336883085_n It was our second year of attempting a “realistic” Christmas… “Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.” We failed for a second time, but at least were a bit better with our purchasing – there was a few more presents than we meant to buy but it wasn’t as overwhelming as it was last year.


I hope everyone had a great 2014!

Tomorrow, I talk about 2015 and my goals.

Until then, stay safe out there tonight! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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