Hello, 2015

Every year I try to avoid jumping onto the “resolution” bandwagon.

But it’s so hard.


I prefer starting things on the first day of the week, the first day of the month and ESPECIALLY the first day of the year. It just meshes better with my OCD…

So here I am, darting after that runaway wagon to hitch a ride.


This year, like last, I am determined to lose weight. Last year I had to put it on hold as I was pregnant in January and in order to be healthy and keep baby healthy, my midwife suggested that I could work on maintaining but not losing weight.

So I’ll be getting back to that goal. I don’t have a certain number I am looking at hitting by the end of the year or anything, but I would like to lose weight, get back into shape and feel more confident in the skin I am in.


We are working on budgeting. We’ll be crunching numbers and trying to pay off debts and save up. We’ve talked about moving (yes, again) but nothing set and not seriously looking into it yet. We’d like to move out of Surrey into a more family oriented area. I’m also likely not returning to work in October, when my maternity leave is over, as my wage would basically just cover daycare. So with that in mind, we have to adjust our spending to be ready for that loss of income.


As for a parenting resolution, I would like to spend more downtime with the boys. We tend to be always on the go in the mornings and then in the evenings I am doing laundry, washing dishes, making dinner or cleaning up. I want to have more relaxing moments with the boys. Playing more puzzles, colouring, reading and snuggling on the couch.


Do you have any resolutions planned for the new year?


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