Three Months

It’s hard to believe it’s been three months since you made your (late!!) debut.


We’ve had a whirlwind of a three months around here. The chaos is settling and we’re starting to find some normality around here.

3 Month Stats :
Height – 26 inches (95th percentile)
Weight – 15lbs 4oz (85th percentile)


You’re starting to be less blob-like and more like a little person! You love to smile, laugh and chat with us. You’re happy to be part of the action but prefer to watch it from a bit of a distance if it’s noisy.

Dean is your favourite person. You don’t smile for anyone the way you do for him! He gets the biggest smiles every time he gives you a snuggle (which happens a lot!)

You love our walks, looking around and gazing from the comfort of a carrier. You’re starting to enjoy the stroller now that you’re in a seat and out of the car seat. You’ve found your hands. And they taste wonderful. Those little fingers, as tiny as they are, love to reach and grab anything close enough – especially if it’s my hair!

There’s been a few big belly laughs but for the most part, it’s just happy coo’s and smiles. And shrieks of happiness (oh, and lots of frustration too, don’t worry!) You are a mover and a shaker but sometimes, just sometimes, you will melt into me for a snuggle… Right before kicking me and pulling my hair while trying to wiggle around some more.

You’ve learned to roll. Twice I’ve found you on your tummy when I left you on your back. And you’ve learned to use that head of yours to roll you from your belly to your back since you were only a few days old.

Happy Three Months (tomorrow) Sammy!

You’ve learned to scoot. I’ve left you outside the bathroom doorway while washing Dean in the shower. In a matter of five minutes, you’ve made it down the hallway by pushing your feet against the ground and moving backwards along your back.

Sleep is a tricky thing for you. Like your brother, you’re a good night time sleeper but have some troubles during the daytime. Right this moment, at 9:30a, you’re still sleeping from your 11:15p bedtime. But you refuse to nap during the day for more than an hour if you’re not being held. It makes for a hard day sometimes when Dean is needing extra attention or I need to get some things done around the house. You sleep great in the carrier though – thank goodness!

You’re gaining nicely! You were born a chunky guy and have just kept growing. I love your little thigh rolls (all, like, 12859 of them!) and your chubby cheeks. At only three months, you are already wearing 9 month sized clothes – which, unfortunately for you, is what size Dean was in during the summer at 12 months so we’ve had to layer you to keep you warm enough in these winter months!

You’re happy, healthy and gorgeous. ❤



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