No Sleep for the Wicked(ly Awesome)

These past two weeks have been very daunting over here.


Dean is weaning off naps. He’s only slept during “quiet time” two out of five days this week. We’ve found this is making bedtime much smoother and that he has been going to sleep within fifteen minutes of being in bed, rather than the two hours it was taking him some days last week.

Rather than his usual sleeping from 1:30-4p (and a nice semi-break for me), he’s now only having a rest from 2:30-4p. He’s encouraged not to sleep but just play quietly in his room. Sammy generally sleeps from 1-2:30p so now I have no kid-free time during the day.

Dean has been great at sleeping through the night. It’s been months since he’s needed us to help him get back to sleep with snuggles, or tucking him back in or anything. A couple of times he’s asked us to refill his water cup or help him find his soother, but it’s always been a quick pop into his room and he’d be back to sleep quickly.


Sammy has hit the four-month regression. And along with that, he’s rolling more now and with milestones comes regressions. We’ve also had a cold that’s been lingering in the household for a couple of weeks, so I imagine Sammy has it too.

He’s been waking multiple times per night and has been hard to settle. And if he does settle quickly, he will usually start crying the second I flop back into bed and pull the blanket up to my chin…


Last night, while almost in tears from being so exhausted, I went to bed when Sammy went to sleep and brought him into our bed.

It was wonderful – he didn’t fully wake all night. He stirred a few times but was quick to settle.


And then there was Dean. He woke twice last night – both times crying and upset. He needed snuggles and help to settle.

And then there was my migraine I went to bed feeling it come on. I was hoping sleep would get rid of it, but nope! It struck hard in the middle of the night and I spent two hours tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep.


Go figure.


I’m bringing Sammy to our bed when I go to sleep again tonight and hoping that he will sleep through the night again. And that maybe this time Dean and I will, as well!



And now photos of how cute they look when they are sleeping….

Photo 08 1269098_10153184747580570_275871260_o 10258169_10154848228395570_395726917042961674_n 1016856_10153027910070570_2117700958_n 964263_10152839157175570_1033449408_o

Fast asleep

Dean sleeping (2) 284429_10152100626845570_1960760427_n



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